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Bump on neck! Please help!!

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  • Posted By: alecd94
  • July 11, 2008
  • 05:11 AM

Plase help me! I am 14 years old and under a year ago i found a bump on left side of my neck about 2 inches away from my ear. I went to the doctor a long time ago but he said he wanted to watch it. Little did i know by watch it he meant ignore it for a year. I put it in the back of my mind and forgot about it for a long time. Recently i was scratching my neck and i noticed it. It seemed to grow but very minimally. Everyone i have asked said that it is probably a lymph node but i am convinced it is not. I have endlessley looked on the internet for an answer but i have not been able to find one.

So far the only answer i have had to any question was that i should see a doctor soon. I have set up an appointment with my doctor but it is not for a while. I am looking for a possible diagnosis or thought on what this bump might be. Any thought is helpful.

My glands are often swolen.
It doed not hurt at all unless i iritate it by touching it alot.
It is pretty hard for the most part but i am easially able to move it around.
it is as wide as a marble.
It is partially visible by looking at my neck
My neck is not swolen
My heart rate is not high
I have no trouble eating or swollowing
I have never smoked
The lump does not move when i move my jaw

Other possible symptoms i may have:

I have many allergies around this time of year
-One of these may be that i am allergic to dogs and we just got a new dog.

I mave breathing trouble at times but i do have asthma
I have had a history with many migranes but i have not had one in a few months
I get a decent amount of headaches

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  • Hi Alec, my daughter is 15...just a year older than you. First of all, I would advise you not to look around on the internet. The internet is great and has a lot of information, but there is also a lot of scary information as well and it is very hard to sort through it all....even for adults. It sounds quite possible it is your lymph node. I used to get swollen glands quite a bit when I was a teenager as well. There can be many, many causes and most of them are innocuous (harmless). I know it is tempting to diagnose yourself via the net, but it is best to talk to the doctor and get him or her to clearly, and thoroughly explain what it is so that you will not worry. Insist the doctor explain well....worrying is really not worth it! When you go to the doctor, bring a list of questions and concerns so you won't forget to ask anything....once all your questions are answered to your satisfaction, you will feel better. If you are still not satisfied with your doctors explanation, get another opinion...see another doctor....nothing wrong with that. In the meantime, put the internet searching to rest and talk to Mom and Dad about your concerns. Joan
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