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bump in my belly button

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • May 12, 2007
  • 08:02 PM

I have a large round bump in my belly button. It started as a hardness in the upper ring of my belly button, then started to form a round marble size bump in my belly button from the inside upper wall. It is slightly red and warmer than the rest of my tummy. It also has a slightly burning itchy pain and hurts when I bend over or sit down putting any pressure on it. I had a c-section about 3 weeks ago and have not done anything physically strenuous. I went to my ob-gyn, he pushed around on my belly and said he didn't think it was a hernia but said he didn't know what it was. He suggested putting hydrocortisone cream on it. Well, it doesn't help. I think it might be an abscess or cyst but I don't really know. But I still think its possible for it to be a hernia.
My question is has anyone had the same thing? If so what was it? I plan on going to a regular doctor about it and any extra info I can get would be helpful. Thanks

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  • It could be a hernia. It could also be an infection. It could also be both (an infected herniated bit.)Anything that turns red, painful, and warm, especially after giving birth, needs to be figured out.My sister-in-law almost died from an infection after giving birth...it was a staph infection, and it got into her lung. She has an 8 inch scar where they opened her up to scrape all the infection and dying tissue out of her lung!So while I hope whatever you have is minor (it probably is) don't leave it alone if it is getting worse, or not getting better. And if you start running a fever, don't wait for anything, go to the hospital. (I'm probably a bit over-concerned on this thing, but I almost lost my SIL over something like this, so I know how bad these kinds of "little things" can become.)Write back with an update.Shula
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  • Well, I have an update. I was going to wait till today to see a doctor but I went in yesterday on mothers day to the immediate care place. I decided to go in because a liquid pocket formed over the now marble sized ball in my belly button. It was a yellowish color also. Turns out I have a mysterious infection. The doctor I saw said he's never seen something like that before. He probed it and it popped so he took a culture to find out what exactly it is. I'll probably find out in a few days. But he gave me a shot of antibiotic in my rear and prescribed some antibiotic pills. So if you get anything like this be sure to see a doctor. The doctor said he didn't think it was associated with the c-section. Still have no clue were it came from though. My husband found a forum where some people had the same thing happen so I'm not alone. Funny thing is they all had c-sections also ranging from a few weeks before hand to a few years. Weird isn't it.
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  • Hey did anything else come of this? did the doctors ever find out what it was? I have the same thing right now. I'm a male though so no c section. It's pretty much the same as you desrcibed and the liquid "phase" just started.
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    • September 15, 2010
    • 03:04 PM
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  • I have the same thing, I am a male as well when I went to the doctor they didn't seem too concerned with it, they took a sample and ran some tests they have no idea what it is or on how to cure it...
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