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Brown Skin Dots Spelling out Letter W

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  • Posted By: nodiagnosis
  • October 20, 2012
  • 04:54 PM

Hi Guys,

Please, help me out here.

First, I am a woman in her mid 50's.
For more than a year now, I have had some weird patches of dots all over my body (legs, shoulders, etc.) and the dots seem to spell out the letter W (or M) like in a connect-the-dots game. The dots are about an inch apart and seem to get lighter over time or with exfoliation starting from dark brown down to light brown. In addition, if the dots are near the knee cap, then in the fold of the knee, I get a pimple (not painful, but a sign of some infection perhaps) and, around it, multiple long and curly hairs come out regularly (not looking like regular leg hairs) along with small black or white particles. There is an itch as those things come out that make me very annoyed and nervous that I have something dangerous. The same thing happens on my shoulder with the same dots and then hairs coming out of the general armpit area (again, it is not usual armpit hair at all). The general rule is that the dots are on a large area of the body and then hairs come out from a neighboring "fold".

I have more symptoms too some of which show potential failure of internal organs (or a spreading of an infection), but I will not mention those now as I don't want to sway anyone with ideas for now, but I would be happy to answer clarifying questions. I have seen a number of doctors of almost all specialties about it and have taken a number of pharmaceuticals and have taken a number of test, but am still looking for answers desperately. I would appreciate any help at all in trying to identify the possible cause(s).

Thank you so much,

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  • How funny but great to hear someone talk about this. ME TOO! When I got that, the doctor pretty much told me it was in my head and the "dots" were sun damage. NOT! I googled dot to dots and everything I could think of but now answersYou could not have phrased it any better that "dots seem to spell out the letter W (or M) like in a connect-the-dots game" PERFECT DESCRIPTION. That's all I could think of too when I had it was "connect the dots" I felt like getting out a pen! They were at first very itchy and itched extremely worse at night time hours. I would stay up all night long scratching. They seemed to "go to sleep" during the day. If I recall correctly, they were almost like a small nondescript bumps. But not extremely noticeable as much as they were itchy. What I did was to spray a prescription med called KENALOG SPRAY. When I sprayed the KENALOG, they must have hated it because when I sprayed it directly onto them is when the bumps swelled to a bright red (they got mad) and then quickly turned to the brown dot to dot to dot m's and w's and died with the designs on my arms, legs or wherever. I also had designs that look like Indian arrow heads. Also, I would have a perfect cirlcle of dot to dots about 1/2 inch in diameter with a single center dot in the middle. I felt as if it was a highly intelligent alien invader living there and knowing exactly what it was doing. It was fascinating to watch it, if I were not so itchy from it. It left permanent arrow head w's and M designs on my arms. The derm doc told me she could not see what I was talking about. Then I took a pen and drew around them for her so she could not miss them. She finally told me it was sun damage and she couldn't see anything else. She was from Scandinavia with perfect lily white skin so she thinks everything is sun damage. I never went back to her. I still have the now dead "spots" all in brown. I never got the hairs coming out that I know of. When it happened to me, I purchased a black light to see if it was Morgellon's. I thought I might have even seen some little florescent fibers sticking up from each dot but I gave up. It finally went away but took a long time. It was fascinating to put the black light on them and spray the KENALOG SPRAY at the same time. It looked like florescent fibers standing up and swaying in the breeze. then instant kill with Kenalog . They would glare up into a red bump in whatever formation pattern (w's, M's, circles, or Indian arrow head patterns) that they were "drawing" at the time and then die off. And yes, I got other internal body and health symptoms shortly after that but I just figured that I was overreacting on that regard because I no longer itched nor had anymore bumps or spots to prove it. Interestingly, my daughter had them as well. When I took her to her internal med doc he actually saw what I was talking about. I got out the pen and connected the dots for him. We are not nuts!So, nodiagnosis, have you got any more info or story to add?
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