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Breathing problems no one can diagnose...

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • July 6, 2007
  • 08:57 PM

I don't breathe well. My allergy/asthma doctor gives me regular breathing tests, which I flunk each and every time. In fact, the last three I've gone progressively downward, and I'm breathing at around 52%. Inhalers don't help, not even at the breathing test, only raising my score 2-3%. I've had to leave this doctor because she is convinced we just have to find the right inhaler. After 6 different kinds in one year (and a fortune gone to the pharmacy), I'm just not willing to work with her anymore.

Here's the run down:
I have trouble breathing while lying down.
If anything is on top of me while lying down, gets worse.
If my head is tilted back lying down, all air seems cut off.
I get winded with a single flight of stairs.
Extreme cold and extreme heat make breathing harder.
I tend to breathe very shallow.

Breathing tests, progressively worse
Chest Xray (Stand up)- nothing notable (I'm told)

This has been going on for nearly two years-- please help!

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  • First of all my heart goes out to you,I've delt with my mother having C>O>P>D> until she past and now i'm dealing with my husband who has C>O>P>D and only 5% lung useage.. have you had your blood gases checked? what ever you do dont stop asking different doc opions ,and if you smoke Please stop! 1 thing that helped my husband was he would sit in a peaceful spot and hold his hands in front of him as if he was holding something across his arms ,as he breaths in he would raise his arms then push them down (like push up and down ) when exhaleing get into a spot and ***m your body down ,,hope some of this help..My prayers are with you God bless
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  • Have you had a bronchoscopy (they put a probe down your nose into your throat)? An Ear Nose Throat (ENT) doctor would do this. Have you seen a lung specialist?
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  • Yes, get an O2 saturation test done. They just clip a sensor onto your finger. Go to a pulmonologist or maybe even a cardiologist. Your regular doc's office might have one. If your sat's are low, that is evidence enough for any doctor.
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  • I have seen an ENT, unfortunately in NC, too far too return- they told me I had a deviated septum. I had the septoplasty, and they also did a rhinoplasty because the septum had twisted so much it was splitting my nose a bit.But actually, everything seems to have gotten worse after that surgery.I will DEFINATELY ask about the bronchoscopy- but I don't have bronchial spasms. Will this still help?My O2 saturation was between 95-100%. But the ENT said even if you pinch your nose SHUT, you would still have normal saturation levels. (He also said my allergist was a quack- I love honest Dr's)I have NOT seen a lung specialist- what should I ask them about? Does anyone know one in NYC?
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    • August 24, 2007
    • 03:16 PM
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  • SUPERIOR VENA CAVA SYNDROMEDyspneaFlushed edematous faceCentral nervous system symptoms like headache, visual symptoms, altered mentation.Signs and symptoms include: facial and arm edema, fullness feeling in the head, dyspnea, tachypnea, difficulty swallowing, venous distension, cyanosisOrthopneaNasal stuffinesslight-headednessSVCS can cause - venous distension, airway obstruction, decrease cardiac filling and output, and increase likelihood of cerebral edemaSuperior vena cava syndrome usually presents more gradually, with an increase in symptoms over time. Orthopnia is difficulty breathing when lying down. Hope this helps.
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    • August 25, 2007
    • 08:36 AM
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