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  • Posted By: reese7194
  • April 12, 2009
  • 06:02 AM


Hit by a car year and half ago. since then my trunk and pelvis have become deformed. one leg is an inch longer. i also have developed a movement disorder. i have no genetic issues.

i went to ucsf movemeetn disordre clinic. spent time with resident. doctor then came in and told me it is in my head and it's called conversion disorder

i said are you saying i did this to my body? (my pelvis has no rotated so severely my body is unable to stand in alignment)

yes she says

are you saying i caused my leg to become one inch longer


i have no trouble with physiatrists, neuropsych testing, physical therapists they all agree that i have tbi but it is physically puzzling because of my movement

but neurologist the few i have seen utterly totally humilate me and i leave confused, shocked, humiliated, embarrassed and lost

then i realize no. this is not possible.


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  • Okay, please explain in detail the injuries suffered in the automobile accident, the circumstances of the accident itself (what exactly happened), as well as the movement disorder. Also tell me specifically the nature of the traumatic brain injury as defined by the professionals listed. Best regards, J Cottle, MD
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  • thank you very much for writing back. walking across street in cross walk car hit me going from what i am told 20mph i flew 15-29 feet, landing with all pressure on my left but / pelvis then moving forward and hitting my head. there was no external issue with head. ct scan negative. year later given mri which came back negative as well. emt came. er let me go. found out later my leg was broken. then a large hump appeared on my back along with burning in my head, neck, back and eyes from bright lights and reading. at this time i realized i no longer had any sense of time. meaning i would think it was 11 at night and it would be three in the morning. my back neck checked out that nothing truly serious was wrong. after this point my body began to morph. right shoulder dropped, pelvis rotated, one leg was now an inch longer than the other. i was giiven a full body scan which showed my skeleton being ..... crooked with shoulder down, legs not same length and degeneration. before this i was playing tennis and was number one in the state when younger.aat this point my main doctor of back / spine former neurosurgeon said he had never seen anything like this before and said i needed to get my self to a university to hospital and hope that i would find people that would take an interest in my case.went to ucsf where they said nothing was wrong. at this point i though i was only limping. but he had picked up strange movements i was doing i was unaware of which he labed as athetoid / chorea like. like i said i was unaware of this.went to stanford physiatry where they looked at my bodh and said you have suffered brain damage. had me do the heel to toe. which i wasn't able to do and some other tests. they said i needed to go to a specific tbi place.sorry. in the very beginning i noticed different things mentally. since in the past i knew i had a psych record i didn't mentione this. which was. loss of memory of events before accident, after, trouble with short term memory and things like typing and other things.physiatry at stanford said they wanted me to do rehab to see if things could improve. did that and they did not. during this time i went to neuro at stanford. they did three hours of tests and said i had no disease. which i was sure i didnt havei must add i had no idea what tbi was.then went to santa clara valley medical center where they diagnosed tbi. took neuro psych test which came back with serious issues as did the speech test.because of my eye problems finally sent to specialist who diagnosed dry eye syndrome, binocular imbalance with expohora, reduced stereo and reduced accommotadion, they gave me glasses with a tint in them that has helped. my vision as well is no longer 20 / 20 and i am doing therpaay.sorry this is so long. the major concern was the issue of movement. since this was of course not normal and stanford, santa clara valley could not come up with any ideas.that is why i went to ucsf. where the resident or the doctor who came in after testing that all of this was not real buy hysteria. i forget the word they used. conversion disorder? the said my physical condition of deformed trunk pelvis and leg lengthe were as well conversion disorder.as i said i feel humiliated by this. i have never been injured in the past. i did not know this would be such an issue of being manic depressive but have never created a physical issue before.still the problem was post tbi movement disorder. still the only thing i knew was i had trouble walking write.during recent therapy i learned that my trunk was the center piece of the issue. inability to stand straight without swaying back and forth like a drunk. legs contored at times. if i could focus and keep still standing straigh i could control the spasing action. but that is quite hard to do.also before this pictures were taken which showed an enormous change from how my body looked before. left side was enormous to the right as well as the right leg officially longer than left.the rehab was utterly amazined by such an intense change. it was also very confusing. the occupational therapist as well did tests that he explained were very common to tbi and stroke victims. mainly the .. sorry... the small actions with hands. focal? sorry.also my right arm i learned was unable to write for extended period of time.at this point i went back to original doctor to check in and he was quite shocked by my physical change. the rehab as well worked with me speech worked with short term memory which was deficient. physical therapist wrote down"unstable gait and mild to severe, tremors poor control unstable standing with tremors, aysmmetrical pelis aalignment left leg shorter, t spine curve, mile to severe leg tremors and athetod movement"sorry i can not write down everything she wrotespeech therapist"pt suffered a tbi when was pedestrian hit by car. he is presengin with deficits in short term, trouble with time managment , abstract reasonging...etc"
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  • i should also mention i have been under the care of a therapist and psychiatrist since before the incident. there feeling have been of utter frustration that i have not been taken seriously with a major problem being of pre existing mental record. they do not in anyway think this is a problem that ucsf mentioned.
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