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bloody tears and severe headaches

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  • Posted By: sandra123
  • June 7, 2007
  • 04:18 AM

My 15 year old daughter has been experiencing bleeding eyes and headaches for the past 4 months. At first it was just both eyes bleeding for no apparent reason. Then 2 months later the headaches began, now the headaches precede the eyes bleeding and this past week the nose and ears began to bleed as well. She has been to 3 hospitals, including USC LA childrens center and alot of specialists of many different fields, a ton of tests and still no diagnosis other than "hemolacria." We know the eyes bleed, but can't find a cause. She has what I call "episodes" and it is horrible to watch... her head hurts so bad she can't stop crying and her eyes just bleed and now her nose as well. Not one doctor she has seen knows what it is or has even heard of it.

Feeling pretty helpless...

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  • What did they find on her MRI?
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  • Nothing... absolutely nothing. They were looking for the obvious - tumors, stuff with her veins, blood vessels, etc. They did two mri's one of her eyes and then of her brain. THey said it looked good.
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  • Wow, that is extremely troubling, and I am sorry for all you and your daughter are going through. This seems like it is some kind of blood disorder - I am sure she has had tons of blood testing for leukemia, aplastic anemia, platelet deficiencies, and others...has she been to a hematologist? Has she had any abnormal blood tests at all? Is your daughter currently on any medications, including birth control? Has she taken any medications in the last 6 months? In Chinese medicine, irregular bleeding like you describe is caused by the Spleen "failing to contain the blood"...how is her appetite? Does she eat well? How is her digestion - does she have gas and bloating after eating? Loose stools or diarrhea? Poor energy, lethargy? How is her menstruation - heavy or irregular? Does she have trouble sleeping? Where are her headaches - do they shift around or are they in the same place? How often does she have the headaches and how often does she have the bleeding? Sorry for so many questions, but this is quite a perplexing problem you are describing. Wish I could be of better help. DOM
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  • Yes, it has been very strenuous and at times depressing. She has had many blood tests, while she was at usc I believe she saw a hematologist. They looked for bleeding disorders - all her tests looked fine. She is a diabetic but does not need any meds - she is diet controlled. She tends to have low glucose more often than high. She doesn't take any kinds of meds, the last thing she's been taking is tylenol for the headaches. No birth control, her periods are normal. Her eating habits are not good, she does not have a good appetite. I always have to remind her to eat, sometimes she will be real hungry and eat on her own but she will skip meals if I don't make sure she eats. I don't believe she has gas or bloating to often although she has complained about abnominal pains also now that I think of it. I thought maybe they were cramps but she said they hurt alot and it was her stomach area. We were never asked those questions. She does seem to have trouble sleeping too and her energy level isn't all that either. She said her headaches usually start in the front of her forehead and they radiate backwards. She was having them every few days - but we get to the hospital and she doesn't have one. Figures... I appreciate any info or advice you may have. Thank you In Chinese medicine, irregular bleeding like you describe is caused by the Spleen "failing to contain the blood"...how is her appetite? Does she eat well? How is her digestion - does she have gas and bloating after eating? Loose stools or diarrhea? Poor energy, lethargy? How is her menstruation - heavy or irregular? Does she have trouble sleeping? Where are her headaches - do they shift around or are they in the same place? How often does she have the headaches and how often does she have the bleeding?
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  • Please see www.medhelp.org/forums/EyeCare/messages/64.html - same problem? The last post there mentions "allergies to wheat, gluten, soy and dairy". Those abnominal pains are a clue. Visit www.naet.com for a NAET therapist.To make a start and an experiment, for 10 days change her diet - you need to adapt my ideas to what she needs regarding diabetes. Try cabbage and butternut (pumpkin) seperately cooked in water, flavoured with extra virgin unheated olive oil and Trocomare (by Dr A. Vogel of Switzerland) or sea salt, in the place of "smooth flowing" salt. Avoid red meat and chicken as they are fed/med with poisons. Tinned tuna in brine should be okay, always carbs and protein together. Avoid heated cooking oil, eggs, sugar, soy, gluten, processed foods (containing hydrogenated vegetable fat, MSG, aspartame and other additives), coffee, sweet carbonated drinks and margarine. Eliminate bread - it is full of soy substitutes, wheat etc.As she is not keen to eat, get a decent juicer for hard veggies, see http://drbenkim.com/juicer.htm for one that gets out all the good stuff. Not too much juice, it is potent. Also try overcooking baby marrows (pumpkins that look like small cucumbers) and cabbage in water, then save this water and discard the rest. Flavour with Trocomare salt. This brew can be kept in the fridge for a day. It is very nutritious, makes one feel great.Add Omega-3 (flax seed oil) and of Vitamin-C 1000 mg (slow release) per day. The best Omega-3 is kept in a fridge in the health shop, better than capsules. Even cancer can be fixed by taking flax seed oil, see http://www.cancertutor.com/Cancer/Budwig.html as well as http://www.beckwithfamily.com/Flax1.html - although the cottage cheese is NOT important, and you want to eliminate diary for now. Milk is funny: some can only tolerate organic milk while others only sterilized (long life) milk. And sometimes traces of cleaning fluid remain in the container, helps to make the milk last longer you see, but very bad for people.Get homeopathic Resque Remedy, and homeopathic Sinuforce (or similar) by Dr A. Vogel of Switzerland. It works, with or without an official sinus diagnosis.Important: this famous doctor says we may cure almost anything by drinking quite a lot of water and also salt: http://www.phenomenews.com/nov2005/0a.htm - this may be why marathon runners are so addicted to their running, they take plenty water and salt. My mom and I have only now tried this for a week, it works very well already.Beware cosmetics, soaps, shampoo, deodorants etc, they are full of isopropyl alcohol, aluminium etc, going straight to our organs. Have her stay at home and use none of those for a week. Colloidal silver makes an excellent and safe deodorant. Trouble sleeping, headaches not at the hospital - could indicate geopathic stress or some other environmental issue at your home. Please read the long thread http://forums.wrongdiagnosis.com/showthread.php?t=9052See www.nutrasilver.com for a type of colloidal silver (silver ions suspended in water) that can be taken internally. One can drink the ordinary type as well, but we rather just keep a tot in the mouth for 10 minutes and spit it out. Also great for external application, dab it on. Here in South Africa we brew it at home. It has proven consistently better than any med or antibiotic, for almost any problem. If it is correctly made there are no side effects. Please see http://www.tetrahedron.org/articles/...al_silver.html for info.I'm impressed with a site http://www.westonaprice.org/sitemap.html - be sure to read this one: www.westonaprice.org/soy/complaints.html whole page (!) and elsewhere http://thyroid.about.com/cs/soyinfo/a/soy.htm .. There is a lot of soy in commercial bread, and in almost everything.Having tried some of this for 10 days, you will at least see if anything changes. To then make normal life possible she needs her allergies identified and cured. There are thousands of energetic (aura) allergies that the doctors don't know anything about. Usually a NAET practitioner from www.naet.com can help. You are lucky, we don't even have them officially in South Africa, although some have done it here, I have seen the results. However our therapists were very old and have passed on, so now it seems we don't have any.Also consider if anything has happened in the past year to make her feel hopeless or worthless, perhaps causing this illness. And has anything happened before the onset of diabetes? Remove all burdens and find a good massage therapist, to make her feel pampered. You have been to many doctors, and they may still find a cure - but also try something different.
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  • trichinosis?
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  • Thank you! I will try and explore all possibilities. It is strange that the doctors never once explored any other possibilities other than her head and eyes. They, of course, are looking for the obvious...which this isn't. Thank you for all the info. Also, someone else suggested trichinosis too. Thank you
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  • Unfortunately I cannot give you alot of information on her illness, but I may be able to offer some hope through my story. I hope you don't mind. I am 24 years old, I will be 25 in 2 months. I had what we called an "episode" in Dec. 2004. I went back to work 2 weeks after that with my whole left side of my body numb. In June 2005 the seizures and "episodes" became more and more frequent. I couldn't hide them from my boss any longer because I would fall on the ground and seize. The doctor pulled me off of work and wouldn't let me return. Now, I had been to the Cleveland Clinic even in the monitoring units and because I didn't have a seizure in the units they didn't diagnose me as epileptic (which I understood) although I was seizing it just wasn't frequent enough at that time. I had been to a neurologist and he just looked at me and pretended to treat me, the whole testing thing, MRI's, CT scans, and such but only of my brain. So I decided to go to another neurologist, he took my vitals, backed up and put his hands up and said " I am going to refer you to the Cleveland Clinic, I don't know what is wrong and if something happens to you while you are under my care I am financially responsible" well, needless to say that pretty much freaked me out. I had gone to about 2 more neurologists and they wouldn't do anything either so I decided to stay with my current one. My health just got progressively worse with noone doing anything about it, I mean I was even doing a ton of research deep in the internet and questioning other people with epilepsy. They told me last summer that I could be having strokes which is causing the epilepsy, "But given my age" they had no idea what was going on with me. They put me on a TON of medication and basically sent me home. My neurologist stopped treating me in February because he said that there was "nothing" he could do. My family doctor wouldn't even try to do anything. I went in on April 10'th and found out I was pregnant. It was unplanned and it paniced me a bit at first because I have been in a wheelchair since January 2007. But I was still so very excited. They took me off of all my medication, I have gradually found that I am starting to be able to walk on my own again, and feeling much better. My OB/GYN is wonderful. He ran a panel of tests on me that have never been done in the 2 years I have been ill. I just found out TODAY that I have a blood disorder. I have 2 out of the 3 major clotting disorders. My blood naturally produces clots but I lack the chemical that breaks them down. So the blood clots could be causing strokes and due to the brain damage strokes can cause he thinks that is bringing on the seizures. To make an even longer story (sorry for this long post) a bit shorter, I had almost lost hope and faith in the medical profession. That was my mistake. It took a while and a TON of frustration and let downs from doctors promising that they could "fix me" and something like this to actually find out the underlying cause. There is hope, and they will find it. I just hope that you find a doctor willing to take the time to work on her case and figure it out. Sometimes routine or "simple" tests will not find the cause, but there are plenty of other things that can help if they just DO IT. Faith got me through all of this and a wonderful and supportive family and boyfriend helped immensly. My prayers are with your family and especially your daughter.
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  • I really appreciate you sharing this with me. I only know one other person that also had this problem of not getting a diagnosis. I'm glad they found out what the problem was. I really believe that the doctors haven't explored every possibility--only the obvious. You're right, I do have to continue looking til I find a doctor that will go above and beyond. THis is so frustrating to watch your child suffer and have no answers or help. But you are right as far as faith goes--that I have! I am believing ultimately for a miracle. I do thank God for doctors and other health professionals, I just pray that the right one will come alone soon. I know one trigger is stressful situations for my daughter, but that's not always the case - sometimes she just wakes up that way. Thanks again for sharing. Take care
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  • For trouble sleeping, try different cardinal positioning of the bed- if she is sleeping north- south, she should try east -west - or whatever, until she feel more comfortable- whatever feels right.Wash the bed linens w/o petrochemicals. Unless she is allergic to calcium, baking soda is good. Also coconut surfactant (like in 7 generations products) can be useful.
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  • Actually we have moved her bed to a new position. But I will try washing her sheets the way you suggested. Thank you!
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  • You are welcome- btw, I was getting headaches in the middle of my sleep due to Polyester intolerance- so check fiber content, see if some sheets keep her particularly restless at night- also the pajamas.Best-
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