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Blood in Vomit after drinking

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  • Posted By: Feelthy
  • September 6, 2011
  • 10:40 PM

I know that of course this is bad and I know that people will recommend I see a doctor as soon as I can, but I aint gonna... for now at least. I've heard of other people going through this, but never thought I would experience it myself. A good preexisting condition of mine is that I've had acid reflux disease for several years now. This makes a decent segway in how I find it unlikely that I have an ulcer. I take a prilosec everynight before bed and that means my stomach acid is more than likely under control and incapable of hosting a peptic ulcer. As odd as it seams I hardly ever get heartburn either and I eat my fair share of spicy food on a regular basis, yogurt as well if that makes a difference. I understand that the saying rings true of "Beer before liqour never sicker." According to a college study or two the carbonation causes your body to convert alcohol into the chemical that gives you hangovers in a larger and quicker dosage and ruins the rest of your drinking for the night. I don't know how much that corralates to taking a toll on your stomach. Despite have knowing this for some years now I have ignored following the rules to both BBLNS and don't mix hard alcohols, because even when it's commonly understood, or even scientific fact I make most of my decisions based on past experience and have done both without serious consequence. Plus when it comes to hangovers, I am one of the few people that drinks water throughout the night and can usually manage to avoid them completely. I am not an alcoholic. I usually drink once every two weeks and I never just have a beer after work either. Lately I have been drinking once every week and this last brutal night out was only a few days apart from the last when I got hammered on whiskey. So now that you know a little about me this is what happened last night. My friends and I drank at a bar over a period of roughly six and a half hours after starting with lunch. I drank in this order: A Fat Tire, another Fat Tire, a Guinness (off the tap mmm), then, 2ishhours in now, a vodka and cranberry, another vodka cranberry, a rum and coke(light rum), next, towards end of night, tequila sunrise(gold), a shot of patron blanco, and lastly one more sunrise. I want to state considering how spread out these drinks were consumed and how weak they were actually concocted I wasn't very drunk by the end of the night. Almost bought a bottle and stayed up another two hours, but I had to get up at 5:30AM. I went home and decided not to eat cuz I had some chips and salsa with my first sunrise and I felt bloated. Eating felt counter productive, so I drank a glass of water with my prilosec and laid down still feeling bloated. I woke up at 2 in the morning in terrible pain and nausea. I still figured I just had bad gas cuz the nausea hadn't set in yet. I tried ******* and belching and it was clear that I had to **** a river and my stomach was in actual pain, not just pressurized. I tried laying down again after my diarreah fit thinking of work and how much sleep I was missing, but every time I laid down it only hurt worse and made me feel sick. I tried elevating myself and hoping the pain would pass, but it wouldn't. I took another pill with another full glass of water. Waited, laid dow, twisted and turned, sat up, and tried laying down again. I got up and **** some more trying to loose more gas. Drank more water and laid down to repeat steps one through ten again. My stomach was still in agony feeling like food poisoning and I knew I would find no comfort unless I made myself throw that **** up. So I went back to the bathroom again and force burped until I induced vomiting and once I did it was easy and almost imvoluntary. Once I could stop I refused to until there was nothing left to give and among the salsa floating in my vomit I noticed the swirls of syrupy blood(No it wasn't grenadine!) How serious is this? I really hope that it's not a chronic disease. I also read before posting stories similar to mine. Never happened before. Beer first. Mixing hard alcohols. I guess I will know more when I drink next Saturday night. No beer one booze of choice. My sromach's still upset, but I'm still mildly bloated. I know that's wreckless of me, but it's just bad timing in my life. I quit drinking for an entire year once, but I got dumped and I'm looking to score with hotties at a night club. I don't have the confidence to do that without drinking, but hey at least I bought condoms. Any information will help if it's not obvious or seeded with prejudice. PS Recent and in all likelihood irrelevant dietary changes are probiotics for three weeks and collodial silver last like four days. Sincerely thanks for your time.

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