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Blood in urine

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  • Posted By: tammyglide
  • July 23, 2008
  • 09:51 PM

My boyfriend is balking about going to see a doctor. He's got blood in his urine at the end of urination. It started yesterday. He's had blood in his urine a couple times in his life, but it has always been because he had inadvertently stopped the flow of urine by accidently pinching his urethra closed. Both times it was quite painful and there was blood for several days.
Now he has some blood that shows up at the end of urinating and I'm guessing that it has something to do with his bladder. There is a little bit of pain when he urinates, but nothing as bad as the times that I accidently stopped the flow. And no, this time he doesn't remember any kind of accidental stopping of the flow.
It may be while before I can get him in to see a doctor and wanted to know if there is anything that we can/should do in the meantime.
Thank you much

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  • He's now saying that he's got some testicular pain also. I've looked at a lot of the info on these 2 things and the one thing that seems to have both of these symptoms is urethral stones. But neither of the pains are that bad. It's just that there is a teaspoon or so of blood at the end up urination.I welcome any and all advise and/or suggestions.Thank you
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  • He shouldn't wait; he needs a doctor right away. It could be kidney stones, an STD or something else. He can at least begin by going to a free county STD clinic and getting that ruled out.
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  • i too dont think he should be waiting before he goes and has appointment with doctor. He should be making an appointment Now!
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  • Monsterlove and taniaaust1, et all,Thank you for your response. Yes, I agree, but now it'll even be harder since the blood and pain was only there for a day and is now gone. The likelihood of an STD is remote. We are monogamous and have been together for a year. We had both been tested at the beginning of our relationship. Since then he has had a vasectomy which is great for both of us.I too thought it was kidney stones and was hoping someone has paid the $30 to the couple of folks that even advertise their 'secret' kidney stone dissolving all natural drink with some specific fruits and vegetables. I can't believe that someone wouldn't want erveryone to have that kind of information for free. I'm beting that our grandmothers had the info but we've been relying on MD's for so long now that we've lost so much homeopathic/natural medicines, knowledge, etc..I'm still open for more info if anyone has any.Thanks
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  • Tammy, There is a vastly underdiagnosed condition called nut-cracker syndrome. It is when the left renal vein is compressed between aorta and the superior mesenteric artery and for each heart beat is “cracked” as a nut in a nut-cracker. With time the vein can react to this compression by producing a sort of scar tissue which leaves even less room for the blood to pass. The symptoms are left flank pain; sometimes there is blood in the urine, sometimes only little which requires a blood test. Since left gonadal vein drains in left renal vein, it can also give pelvic symptoms such as pelvic or testicular pain, pelvic or testicular venous congestion or pelvic or testicular varicose veins.Venography (phlebography) is a way to diagnose it (but it requires a radiologist familiar with this condition), ultrasound is less suitable. It is a rare condition. It results in kidney stone-like condition, but not as severe. Good luck!
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