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blood from every hole in my body

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  • Posted By: AmICrazy?
  • February 8, 2008
  • 02:21 AM

hi i have to go soon so ill introduce myself later:

one morning i woke up and to my horror my sheets were SOAKED in blood. i got up and ran to the washroom and there was blood all over my face and hands and arms. I just stood there, and after about 5 minutes i felt faint.

i doubled over and threw up, when i got myself upright and wiped my eyes (i was crying in fear by this point) i realised that i had puked up blood and that my eyes, ears, nose were bleeding. also my finger nails have blood under them

this happened several days ago and when i went to the doctors they did a blood transfushion of 3 units packed O negative.

sorry if any of this makes no sense, ive been working 20 hours straight and can barely walk striaght

list of other symptoms:

Bleeding from every orifice
black spots all over my hands and feet
white skin
dry mouth and lips
cracked skin (or dry skin if you want to call it that)
short of breath
pain in the chest
trouble going to the bathroom

the bleeding is the worst. it happens at random times. sometimes its like a TINY nose bleed (only from ears, nose ect) and other times it looks like ive been shot 70 times then stabbed to death.

the doctor has told me i will be going into the ICU tomorrow, i feel good about that but i still fear for my life. bleeding from the nose for to long is bad enough...

please help it hasnt been long but the doctors dont have an answer and i am REALLY scared.

please please help me

ps: the doctors think that the black spots are all in my head, because they come and go and he hasn't seen them yet.

also i am not really crazy so please dont ask, i have posted this on a few other boards and they just say im crazy because of my user name.

thanks in advance for any help

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  • I dont think you are crazy - symptoms of craziness are different. They run all over the place, or scream without any particular reason, cannot control themselves, etc.Obviously you have some serious form of vitamin deficiency, that' s why the body is literally deteriorating. Of course, at such a stage hardly the vitamims will help any time soon.You are obviously burnt out from too much work.You need to take a loooong vacation (say a few years) and slow down. Go somewhere quiet in the mountains for example, where you can breathe fresh air, or at the sea where the breaze and the view are relaxing and you do not think of work.That' s all.========
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • September 21, 2008
    • 05:16 AM
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  • Have you travelled recently? I wonder if you have a viral infection.
    aquila 1263 Replies
    • September 22, 2008
    • 05:26 PM
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  • we've already been there with this person...back in February....he was going to a high security bio-hazard level treatment hospital at that time via an ambulance for some type of hemorrhagic fever from his trip to Africa..I would not respond as everything was said at that time...he would have been dead by now but now I do think he is crazy and just wants attention from caring people at this time:eek::eek::eek::eek:....
    Monsterlove 2921 Replies
    • September 23, 2008
    • 01:03 AM
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  • Monsterlove, if he was really crazy, as you allege, what harm would be done in giving him the attention he craves? - I think it is called compassion. . Lots of harm blaze.. I have a father who has schizophrenia.. and one thing the doctors always say is to NOT play into his delusions or one will make him worst. One isnt to encourage them. I remember this poster from the past too. And this person is obviously crazy (im saying this due to the past stuff and now this). I wonder if this person even remembers his previous posts here.. he told us back then that they were coming to get him via ambulance (to put him in a biohazzard unit or something) as he was bleeding everywhere........................ To the poster.. have you a psychristrist you are seeing or have seen??
    taniaaust1 2267 Replies
    • September 23, 2008
    • 09:58 AM
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  • lots of posts and lots of hours...the compassion was there in Feb but he would not be alive today if he was still bleeding...I'm sure bio-hazard would keep him there until he recovered or passed over, either way...
    Monsterlove 2921 Replies
    • September 24, 2008
    • 00:19 AM
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