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Blood Count Issues

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  • Posted By: ezrider
  • December 1, 2010
  • 09:14 PM

I'm a 31 year old Male, and I've never really been sick.


Approximately 4 months ago I began to feel tired, I attributed it to the heat and just tried to stay inside more. After a month of that I went to the Doctor and asked him about it, he noticed that I was Jaundiced, and he ordered some blood work ... needless to say my liver levels were very bad. On 10/07/2010 the tests read (showed my results) as follows...

Heptatic Function Panel (7)
- Protein, Total, Serum - 6.1 g/dL
- Albumin, Serum - 3.9 g/dL
- Bilirubin, Total - 3.5H
- Note:Specimen is icteric
- **Verified by repeat analysis**
- Bilirubin, Direct - 2.10H mg/dL
- Note:Specimen is icteric
- **Verified by repeat analysis**
- Alkaline Phosphatase, s 311H IU/L
- AST (SGOT) - 513H IU/L
- **Verified by repeat analysis**
- ALT (SGPT) - 754H IU/L
- **Verified by repeat analysis**

My Dr did a full Hepatitis Profile and numerous other tests, I came back negative for all Hepatitis Strains that were tested for (A,B,C, and etc), and I have no STD's (I did a few tests of my own at the health clinic, they included Syphilis and HIV/AIDS). At that point my Dr. ordered a CT scan of my abdomen and found that I had Gallstones and some thickening of the Gallbladder lining. I was referred to a surgeon to remove my gallbladder, who then referred me to another surgeon who did a procedure to cut the sphincter muscle at the base of my bile duct to allow the bile/gallstones to drain out (The night after that surgery was accompanied by EXTREME pain once my anesthesia wore off) and the same surgeon removed my gallbladder 3-4 days later via a laproscopy(?) procedure.

The day after my 2nd surgery my stomach began to bruise, I'll try to post pictures of that bruise, and I still have that bruise. It is not the same color but it has enlarged to wrap almost all the way to my back along my belt line. The surgeon who did the work said that most people likely bruise like that it's just that it can't be seen because so many people are overweight. I took their answer as fact. After a period of about two weeks I was healing well and felt great.

I drank about about a bottle of Gin over week 3 (week 3 after the surgery), and the next week I drank around a 12 pack of beer. I noticed that I had a bruise come up on the inside of my thigh on my left leg that had a hard spot in the middle of it. This bruise was about the same size as the one on my stomach after the gall stone surgery. As the weekend came closer in week 4 I had a blood blister come up on the inside of my mouth, and I began to notice more and more bruises, after the weekend of week 4 my mouth was full of blood blisters and my body covered in bruises. I went to my Dr. on the Monday following that weekend and he began couple of tests. He called me back later that afternoon and told me to go to a specialist in a nearby town. I went there and was immediately admitted to the hospital. My platelet count was 2000 or 2 (however you want to say it) after 3 days in the hospital, a platelet transfusion, and a bone marrow biopsy (I was told that there were no malignancies that showed up, and that my Marrow count is low) He felt that it was my anti-depressant (Effexor 75mg daily) that had caused my Marrow count to be low, I have been taking Effexor for YEARS and the only changes that I had made recently was to reduce the dosage and I changed to a generic form of it within 6 months of today.

Eventually, the Dr. to allowed me to be discharged so I could go back to work. Currently I am being tested every other day or so to check my Platelets, White Blood Cells, and Hemoglobin that I know of. I receive Platelets once or twice a week, and my White Blood Cell and Hemoglobin has dropped enough that they began giving me shots this week to build up my White Blood Cells and they are going to give me a blood transfusion tomorrow, I would assume, in order to get both my White Blood Cells and Hemoglobin back up.

I have been "diagnosed" with Thrombocytopenia which really doesn't mean much

I would like to leave the type of advice I request open, but I feel like I am at least in need advice on where to find a excellent diagnostic center, and some good advice as to what I should be eating. Anything other is greatly appreciated as well.

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