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blah im sick of tests!

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 26, 2009
  • 05:00 PM

I am not sure if anyone can help or has had any of these symptoms and i dont want to sound like a whiner but im sick of unanswered questions and the doctors performing test after test and i am starting to feel nuts.

8 months ago i was suffering from symptoms of vertigo. While driving everything would start spinning and rushing past me. I also had strange vibrations in my feet that wouldn't go away (still wont) and weird flashes of light that would startle me like car lights but its day time or night time when i was trying to sleep. Constant ringing in my head. I use to be known for someone who had grace under pressure and could multi task like a rock star but now if more than one thing is going on at one time its like chaos in my brain. I can now only handle one thing at a time. Then i started to notice short term memory loss. like driving and forgetting where i was going. I am usually the person people come to to remember things now i have to write things down right away or ill forget. even my doctor writes down everything we talk about so i wont forget as soon as i walk out of her office. I also have extreme muscle weakness like if i go to the store for more than a gallon of milk ( which is now hard for me to carry) then i often have to leave empty handed cause i just cant stand or walk for long periods of time before my legs give out. I also have bladder issues now. I am 32 years old and i have to wear diapers! I use to have a healthy sexual appetite but now none at all and achieving an orgasm is next to impossible when i use to have multiples. I have no appetite yet i am gaining weight in the last 8 months i have gained like 80 lbs! I have constant stomach and bowl pains that could be all the medicine the doctors have thrown at me. I have had 6 Mri's and i have 8 small lessions but my neurologist says inconclusive if they are caused from MS. Now i am being tested for cushings syndrome. I have also taken medication to rule out fibro. I have taken steroids heeps of pain meds that dont help. Anxiety medication and so on nothing helps. the only thing that stops some of the chaos is weed but i hate smoking it but its really only thing that helps relieve some of the symptoms or i guess hide them. My primary physician thinks i have Ms but the neurologist says hes not sure and makes me take more and more tests. Before all of this i was a healthy individual. I had scholarship to play basketball at local university. Now I am obese and inactive :(

I am really sorry to ramble but i cant remember the last day i felt good and i am getting tired of it and ready to give up. I am getting worse and the doctors dont seem to care. My work has been great about waiting for me to come back but my temporary disability through my work is about to run out and i dont want to lose my job and i just want my life back. Please if anyone has any ideas or suggestions

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  • I have also taken medication http://kona.kontera.com/javascript/lib/imgs/grey_loader.gifto rule out fibro. :confused: One cant take medication to rule out fibro.. Fibro can be hard to treat and often medications dont work well on it. The only way to rule out something like fibro is to have Fibromyaligia trigger point testing done. Sorry but i dont think your doctor knows what he's talking about there.
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  • I agree with your PCP that this sounds like MS. My mother had it (diagnosed at 32yrs old) and her symptoms began much as yours have, minus the weight gain (memory loss, vertigo, weird sensations in her legs/feet, incontinence, loss of orgasm). For 12 years (this was in the 80's) the docs told her it was 'all in her head' and referred her to psyche. Marijuana also helped her with her symptoms as back then there were no meds for MS. MS can be very difficult to diagnose. Have you had a spinal tap? I know you are sick of tests, but it's one way to help confirm or deny the diagnosis (I've had 3, they are really not that bad). Really, please try to cooperate with the test as long as you can......because this is so difficult to diagnose. The docs can help you with it if your PCP is right. If he's not, all these tests will help them figure out what it really is. Really, the lesions are a common finding in MS. What did the neuro say they were if not MS? Lesions are not normal, there will be a cause for this. As for the weight gain......if you have been inactive, it's not unusual to gain weight. However, the amount you list might be, especially with no appetite. Have you had tests on your thyroid? Best to you. This is not a fun thing to have, but the meds for it really help (or so I hear).
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