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Bladder, can't get a diagnosis, on my 4th medication!

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • May 1, 2007
  • 07:58 AM

I posted a while ago on a different board and things still aren't getting any better.

I'm 20 years old, and for the last (nearly) two months now, I have not been able to feel like I've emptied my bladder--I feel like I could stand over the toilet for hours and still feel like there's urine passing through my urethra.

My general practitioner at first though I had a prostate infection, so I went on Cipro for a few weeks... then tried Hyoscyamine... that didn't help, so I went to a urologist.

He suspected that I might have some kind of overactive bladder, so he gave me Sanctura... and while that helped a little bit, it didn't completely rid me of my symptoms.

I went back and he performed an examination... you know what it's called... where they insert the little probe with the light and camera into the urethra... anyway he said everything looked good and healthy, and now he's got me on Flomax, thinking that maybe my prostate is restricting flow or something... and that hasn't been helping too much either.

I'm wondering if maybe it's some kind of bladder allergy or something? This whole thing cropped up after a bad cold and hasn't gone away since.

I've also noticed that when I do certain stretches I can feel a bit more "relieved" or "relaxed" ... mainly stretches that stretch out my lower back (kidneys?) ... I've also had infrequent migraine headaches for the last couple of years... don't know if that counts for anything...

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  • matt...google symptoms of myalgic encephalomyelitis know you could have 2 or 72 of the symptoms and still have this you can also visit www.ahummingbirdsguide.com that's where I've found a lot of helpful info Good Luck...mommy cat
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  • Hi Matt,I wonder if you have some kind of pinched nerve that is irritating your bladder? If the stretches you do help, keep doing them. I know that sounds simplistic, but maybe the problem is some kind of nerve problem, and the stretching is unpinching something.So, see what happens if you start doing the stretching three times a day, even if it feels fine. Do that for three days, and see if it helps. If it does, STOP stretching for a day or two, and see if it comes back. By the end of five days you'll know if you have found your cure. :)If the stretching does help, and stopping stretching brings the problem back, start stretching again, and then see if you can get off all meds. You are young, and you want to be on as few meds as possible. Medications are a true blessing when they do something that nothing else was able to do. But all meds cause some rearranging of our body's chemistry and balance, and never ONLY help. So if stretching works, don't worry about getting an exact diagnosis, just do it. And write back to say how it goes.Best,Shula
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  • Check Interstitial Cystitis:The symptoms of interstitial cystitis vary greatly from one person to another but have some similarities to those of a urinary tract infection. They include: decreased bladder capacityan urgent need to urinate frequently day and nightfeelings of pressure, pain, and tenderness around the bladder, pelvis, and perineum (the area between the anus and vagina or anus and scrotum) which may increase as the bladder fills and decrease as it emptiespainful sexual intercourse (dyspareunia)discomfort or pain in the penis and scrotum.Do any of these symptoms match?
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  • If symptoms match cystitis...where does it come from? what causes it? many complain of bladder problems, migraines have you read last 5 pages of "It's a mystery until we solve it" there you will find many compplaining of your symptoms and many more' take a look...mommy cat
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