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Bipolar? ADHD?

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  • Posted By: ktemily
  • January 25, 2009
  • 04:43 AM

For a long time I've thought that I might be Bipolar, but recently I've been wondering if I might have ADHD.
First off, I'm a very high preforming high school student, in a very demanding school program. I've always loved school and gotten very good grades, but over the past two years I've been becoming increasingly apathetic about school, and my grades are starting to show it.
I think I might be Bipolar because I have mood swings all the time - and I know it's not just typical teenage girl mood swings. They're extremely intense, and I go from a euphoric high down to a pathetic low in a matter of moments. I meet every single symptom on the Bipolar list in Mania and Depression besides weight loss/gain and suicide tempt. Luckily, I have neither hallucinations nor delusions, as under Psychosis.
However, I noticed that there seemed to be a lot of overlap between Bipolar disorder and ADHD, so I looked at the symptoms for ADHD and saw that I met every symptom on there as well, besides poor coordination and leaving my seat in class.
The most pressing issue is my absolute inability to focus on class, homework, or studying, and it's adverse affect on my education.
Please help.

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  • i think you shoudl make an appt with a pyschatrist.
    buddy09 2 Replies
    • January 27, 2009
    • 03:07 AM
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  • I too think you need to go and see someone over this. Maybe start a discussion about it with your regular doctor and then allow things to go on from there.
    taniaaust1 2267 Replies
    • January 27, 2009
    • 04:49 AM
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  • replying to ktemily's thread... I'm in a similair boat as her but instead of becoming really sad on my lows, i become very angry and cant chill out unless i rage! ive had this for as long as i can remember. ive checked poall points of hypomania and as well as type 6 adhd - ring of fire. not sure if you know of it ? i dont know so much that its all a bad thing, even though many have critisized me for it, as when i am on an up i never want it to stop! and when i do get angry, i dont really have control of it but it is as if deep down i want to lose it! this brings me to why i am writing... if i had to seek treatment, whatever my diagnosis, do i lose my energy and bursts of exessive energy and happiness along with the creativity that i get along with it??? from what i have read it seems as if i will turn into another one of those people who are always doped up on their medication and not reaching their full potential. kinda like someone who has gone for a lobotome. its all very frustrating though...would really respect your opinions or responses to this!
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • October 17, 2009
    • 04:46 PM
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  • Either one is a medical diagnosis which will qualify you for special education if you get a statemen from your doctor. If you are behind in your school work, accommodations and modifications would be made in the classroom to help you succeed. You could also get counseling with the school counselor. Talk with you mom and tell her you want a checkup. It could also be your thyroid.try EFTwww.emofree.com either way..
    Monsterlove 2921 Replies
    • October 18, 2009
    • 02:43 AM
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  • I got tested and I have it, and your symptoms sound like you have it. The problem with adhd meds is when you get a prescription, odds are the first one won't work. My doctor even said it's usually trial and error with the meds, so it make take a month or longer to find one that works for you.
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  • I got tested and I have it and now in adhd schools, Your symptoms sound like you have it. The problem with adhd meds is when you get a prescription, odds are the first one won't work. My doctor even said it's usually trial and error with the meds, so it make take a month or longer to find one that works for you.And keep in mind that both disorders share many characteristics.
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  • Really not a fan of medication having tried it, this is just masking a problem and can change how someone is naturally. I personally don't think it's great to be stuck on medication for decades. We have focused on building a clearer understanding of the things that can effect you, but it does take a long time. We have seen very significant benefits from a very low starting point.There is a very long list of things that we have found can really help make a difference. It might seem impossible at first, but trying some of these things at home we could see the benefit. Demonstrating that through change you can make a difference is vital as otherwise an ADHD person may give up if they cannot see tangible / immediate benefits of what you are doing. Some of the areas we have worked on have included:-Focusing on removing unwanted visual and sound stimulation through seating position and having quiet people around you.Close direct view of tutor and boardHaving something to fiddle with to aid concentration.outline of workUse of laptophandoutsSupport with planningRegular breaks in testsPromptingInteraction - regular eye contactThis is not something you can easily take on by yourself and does need the support and co-operation of others. Self analysis / self awareness of things you can control is vital as you will always meet disbelievers or people who don't make allowances or forget. ADHD makes you different to others, but it can also give you strengths.It is very important to seek the support of others - discuss your thoughts and feelings and help put things in order - this is clearly not one discussion, but coaching and support. Help does not always come from the place you most expect it - you hopefully will find someone with empathy for what you are going through and help you find the way - good luck and don't give up.
    • October 18, 2012
    • 01:41 AM
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  • If ur bipolar, u can be proud of the fact that many of the world's most famous & successful writers, poets, artists, composers/musicians, actors, scientists, & others are -- or were -- bipolar. There's a recognized link between genius/creativity and the bipolar condition. But it's also linked to substance abuse and other personal problems. And its worst forms can cause psychosis. I suggest you seek professional help -- u can even start with the school counselor if u have no doctor or haven't got good parental support. If ur eventually put on meds, find one that helps u concentrate, focus, & have fewer mood swings but doesn't impede ur creativity (if any) or other strenghs and talents. Avoid drugs & alcohol cuz bipolar people are at risk of over-use and addiction.
    rockfish 4 Replies
    • November 8, 2012
    • 01:38 AM
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