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Bells Palsy and M E - Apparently I have both but is it MS or something else?

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  • Posted By: chesterton
  • January 4, 2014
  • 05:49 PM

I'm a 37 year old male, overweight but physically active. I have had some anxiety issues in the past and am currently medicating with PPI medication for reflux / GORD. I also have had a long term persistent cough that seems to come after having a virus and takes months to get rid of. 

About 10 weeks ago (started Nov 2013) I had a virus, it gave me some terrible sinus pain, rhinitis and made me feel ill for a week or so. It also made my head completely numb from my top lip to the back of my crown (trigeminal nerve area?) this numbness was on both sides of my face and head. All my blood work was fine save for a low Vit D level and was put on a supplement to reverse this.

I was sent for a brain MRI after a couple of weeks and this came back with no sign of demylination and no space occupying lesions.

The head numbness is still with me, it seems better on one side (my right side) but seems to have got worse on the left.

I get headaches in my temples a lot and my ankles feel as if they are swollen even though they are not. I'm getting tingling in my hands/ wrists and random pain in my fingers, neck, knees and bizarrely in my testicles (never both at the same time). Sometimes instead of pain I can sense heat. My son had a virus a few days before me and it made him unable to bear weight in one of his legs for a short period of time.

My doctor thinks is a combination of Bells Palsy and ME. He thinks I'm simply post viral and I just need to get on with it until it goes.

My questions are:

1 - Does anyone disagree with my doc?
2 - Do you think there is something else I should be doing?
3 - Are there coping mechanisms / medication for my current symptoms?

I'm quite an anxious person (new parent to a child who has various respiratory and allergy issues) and have had tingling in my head / headaches but have always put these down to stress and once I'd been to sleep they were gone until I had another stressful day.

I don't know what is real and what is my mind working overdrive. For example I find it much harder to think of words when in conversation, is this just me getting older or is it a symptom of something else?

I would value any thoughts anyone might have.

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  • Sounds like neurological Lyme disease. This is hard to get diagnosed, because the medical dogma about Lyme disease says the neurological form of the infection is rare in the US (though it's common in Europe). I'm a scientist, and I can tell you that the controversy around Lyme disease is serious, and unfortunately the academic experts got this one wrong. "Cure Unknown" by P. Weintraub gets it right, so if you can still read fluently, check it out.
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    • February 1, 2014
    • 03:28 PM
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  • Bells palsy happens more than once, in some cases, i've seen it! I would go for the Lyme's blood test! Good luck!
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