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Bell's palsy, Eye problems, MS??

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • November 29, 2009
  • 00:04 AM

Last December I had pain in one eye in addition to very heavy tearing on this side, as well I did get +2.0 glasses ( I never wore glasses before in my life) in 3 days! My vision deteriorated greatly, the pain in the eye increased rapidly.
I saw 2 Ophtalmologist, 1 ophto-neurologist, my personal physician and a neurologist.
From my initial tests, nobody could tell what was wrong, they said there is indication of MS, maybe brain tumor, aneurysm or optic neuritis. Non of the above was confirmed with testing.

I have to mention that I have family history of brain tumor.

After no reason was found ( I did 4 MRI's, extensive blood work and EEG) I was prescribed Prednisolone. I did take it and it didn't make a slightest difference in my condition.
I was schedule for a check up with the neurologist in 6 mo.

In that time my eye condition was on episodes of pain and episodes of recovery. For the course of 6 months I had at least 4 such episodes. I went to see the ophto-neurologist twice in this period when I had pain and tearing, he couldn't find the cause of it.
In the mean time I never seemed to have the right glasses- my vision constantly changed.

3 Days ago my husband noticed that my face started drooping on one side. Imediately I went to see a doctor and I was diagnosed with Bell's palsy, prescribed Prednisolone and Famvir. I do not have a viral infection, but the doctor insisted it would help.
The palsy is on the right side, the problem with my eye is on the left side.
The 2 doctors I saw are speculating with MS diagnosis, but none of the tests has confirmed it so far.
I am at my wit's end! I cannot speak normally, I cannot eat normally, my right eye had to be taped because it was constantly opened, and the pressure that my left eye is undergoing is just too much! I cannot read and write normally because I cannot see normally. Couple of days before the Palsy incident I had an episode with pain in the other eye ( the left one).

Now I am thinking...what should I do in this case, apart from finding a new neurologist, which I am doing right now?
If both things are indeed connected, if there is a possibility for MS, should I take my doctor's advice and just " wait for more symptoms to appear" or there is a way that I can rule out for sure or confirm or sure that it is MS?
My last CT was clear, but the doctor said that I am too young and it might take years to actually be visible with MRI or CT.
I am 30 years old...and if I have MS, I would like to do something about it, not sit and wait to get worse, so we can start treating the consequences.

Tell me what you think!
Thank you!

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