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Begging for help on unexplained vomiting.. Please please help.

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • May 14, 2009
  • 10:08 AM

My mother has been vomiting daily, sometimes twice daily without a proper diagnosis.. This has been happening for over a year..

She vomits mostly in the morning, when her stomach is empty and its mostly bile.. Once she vomits she feels very weak and its usually accompanied by a headache and stomach pain and nausea.. She spends her days in bed now..
She has been to a few doctors and has had numerous tests with no real answers,, Nothing the doctors have done have been able to fix her and she has rapidly deteriorated in the last few months..
Her first appointment was with a gastric specialist recommended her first test, which was a CT scan of the stomach with no real results. Also a ultrasound of the abdomen showed pretty much the same..
She underwent a colonoscopy in May, 2008. The result being a couple of polyps. The doctor said they had some pre cancerous cells, which was an issue because mum has several siblings who have died or been treated for bowel cancer. Otherwise the bowel was fine. She underwent another colonoscopy in late October, with no further problems.
Whilst she was having the colonoscopies they simultaneously performed gastroscopies both times. The first Gastroscopy results showed some food still in her stomach, even though she fasted and used the solutions to clear her stomach. The results indicated Helicobactor Pylori, which she was treated for but did nothing to stop the vomiting.
Following the results the doctor ordered a Gastric Fasting study and a CT scan of the brain. The Fasting study results indicated zero to mild Gastroparesis for which she was prescribed Motillium. The motillium didn’t do much for her vomiting and nausea either .
She has had motillium up to 8 tablets a day prescribed by different doctors.
Two weeks ago we presented to the emergency department at the Royal Melbourne Hospital when mum was extremely weak, dizzy, and dehydrated after vomiting several times in the last few days .. She was admitted to the Neuroscience ward where she underwent another CT scan of the brain, also an MRI of the same area, and finally a spinal tap, to which all the results came back clear. She stayed in hospital for 4 days, vomiting several times, and she was discharged with their conclusion being DPPV (vertigo??) and she was shown some exercises to assist with the dizziness. The day she was discharged she was fine, the following day she started vomiting again, four times in the one day, and the same the following, and pretty much everyday until now.
We appreciate any assistance we may get from you as we, her family, are very concerned for her well being and health and feel that she has aged 10 years in the last 10 months.. Her life has changed dramatically and she has ceased normal daily activity and become rather depressed because of her unhealthy state.. She still has teenage children and we are very concerned how long she can continue to diminish in this way.. : (

Any help is much appreciated...

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  • I know this may be a long shot, as I'm not sure what episode it was, but I saw someone with symptoms almost EXACTLY like this on TLC's Mystery Diagnosis a few years ago. I only remember it because it seemed awful. They did finally diagnose it, also.
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