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been told i have gait abnormality

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • May 24, 2011
  • 07:33 PM

;) hi
had 2 accidents in march 04 and may 05 both times , got knocked out and broken limbs
may 05 i had to have 6months of work , from july 05 to dec05 my family and i started to notice i was fallening over ie the balance wasn,t good , speech sometimes coudn,t even say the words ,
feeling tired and exchausted couldn,t do normal household chore or even dress myself
couldn,t go back to work
then in march 06 got told got muscle waisting diease or gait after all the tests prossble ie brain scans , mri scans eeg , blood tests physico ect
speech still aint good on bad days i may walk with 2 crutches
drag my feet and legs
feel tired
on bad days can,t cress myself or do housework
lose my balance

have wear and tire on c4 and c5 discs in my neck
3 whitespots on my brain
2 on the right side and 1 on the left close to line down the brain
still get pains in hands and arms and legs and feet
have no lkife ,
have to go out with hubby or my older children in case of falling over
suffer from migraines mega style on eplim for them
legs give way as have this evening
no i need wheelchair now
so fed up as can,t lead a normal life as each day different some good and some bad
am not depressed

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  • as i child i was always spraining my foot or legs ect i was very sporty , ie newtball , cross county gymnastics , rounderrs about 5 days a week climbing tress always on the go as a child my parents had to help put back the kness joints and legs muscles had to be rubbed back into place as they were rock hard #when i was 6 weeeks old , had funny legs and spent 3months in leg cast from foot to hips ect when i was 16 yrs ols and working i got housemaids kness , with loads of water and had to be on crutches and kne supports ect and have time off work
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  • also suffer now with osteropenia since 2001 i hasve broken my right wrist 4 times 1 collar bone right feet 3 times right kneee twice broke wrist about b13 weeks ago , feel the wrist as if the bone is going to break again , can,t support myself getting up with the wrioist as i feel pain ect:p
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  • in the morning i struggle to get out of bed when mi go to put my feet and legs on the floor , i collaspe it gets me ages to get organised , feel exchausted and still tired :o i,m on;ly 45 and feel like a 80 or 90 yr old person
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  • :)got told i haven,t got fibromalgia , wehave looked look loads of syptoms ect on me , mg and other and still no luck old consultant was crap , he sometimes revied to a freak , about someof his patients and now the new consultant , says all the test were done just go away and learn to live with whats happened to you but your new and back will get worse and so will you be not walking ect:confused:
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