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been to several doctors and the er many times, no help

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  • Posted By: Jack666
  • August 7, 2008
  • 09:44 AM

i posted here three days ago but my post never showed up. here's what i've been experiencing, and ive been experiencing it for years and no one will help me.

muscle spasms in my arms, neck and shoulder - several times a day i get very brief but violent spasms in these areas. sometimes it feels like a shiver going up my body.

stomach problems - i havent had a normal bowel movement in years. its either constipation or diarrhea sometimes in the same day. blood, white patches, bad odour. pain, nausea. feeling like i need to go to the toilet when i don't. gas.

extreme weight loss
mental fog
stinging pains in my skin especially around my jaw/ear - it feels like hot needles being pricked into my skin.
doctors tell me i'm anemic i put this down to the blood loss in the toilet.
feeling like i don't get enough oxygen although my oxygen saturation is apparently fine and i have good lung capacity.

i've been to many different doctors many times and ive been to the er 5 times this year for the pain. no one has come up with anything.

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  • i have lots of questions for you! how old are you? how much blood is in your stool? does it just stain the tissue or is it quite a bit of blood? it is bright red, or is it more black/tarry? my first thought is inflammatory bowel disease. next thing i would consider is a malabsorption problem. lastly, it is possible that it's IBS. many of your other symptoms i'd be ready to chalk up to electrolyte imbalances, but that's almost always something that is checked for in the ED. are these spasms painful? is there any pattern to them (like do they occur if you hold your arm a certain way), or are they completely random?as for the weight loss - i'm assuming you're not trying to lose weight. any changes in your diet? how's your appetite?hope someone figures out what's going on soon!
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  • hello luna,i am 20. there is quite a bit of blood but it comes and goes. its bright red blood. the spasms in my arms seem to be random, i don't know what triggers them, and they aren't painful at all. although i used to get extremely painful leg cramps i havent had one of those in a while.my appetite comes and goes. some days i eat alot and some days i won't feel hungry at all. i started eating more whole grains and more vegeatables a few months ago but it hasn't helped much.thanks for your help.
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  • Have you tried a bowel cleanse. Sounds to me you may have parasite trouble. Try a really good bowel cleanse to get your bowel flora back to normal, you could also try cutting out wheat and dairy.(Is your tongue white and furry) You may have a haemorroid which is causing the bright red blood loss. Especially if you get constipated and strain. Start with the basics and drink lots of water. The brain fog is a classic symtom of bowel parasites. When l say parasites l mean the good and bad bacteria. If you still have troubles after doing all that l would look for a second opinion as it may be mechanical. regards, Flybaby.:)
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  • thanks for the advice. i'll look into that. :)i had xrays today and they told me i had a pectus excavatum. does anyone know if this could be a symptom? i didnt even know i had that or what it even was.
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  • Hi Jack, It is a condition of the chest. website www.pectusinfo.com may be of interest, regards, flybaby:)
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