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Been sick for months, chronic cough, various infections & multiple doctors

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  • Posted By: missbbk
  • March 9, 2010
  • 05:35 PM

I haven't felt 100% since October of 2009, I am a 23 year old female with very healthy eating habits, I don't do any drugs, but do drink occasionally on weekends. I don't have any previously known health issues or diseases. I'm going to lay it all out in chronological order otherwise it's difficult to remember everything correctly:

Oct 09:

Abnormal Pap smear & Colposcopy showed CIN1 abnormal cell growth on my cervix, nothing to be worried about, but to be monitored every couple of months. Shortly afterward, I got 2 urinary tract infections in a row.

Nov 09:

Every other week, I get another U.T.I which is fought off with various antibiotics, but they keep coming back nonetheless.

Dec 09:

Still having frequent UTIs which seem to occur with no real reason as to why. Same situation as November.
I develop a hacking cough with thick green sputum towards the middle of the month along with fever, dizziness and head cold. It goes away, but one week later, the cold and cough comes back again. Slight fever and dizziness, when the cold goes away, the cough remains.

Jan 10:

I spend a couple of days with a fever, chills, vomiting and diarrhea, can't keep liquids down thus...my dehydration gives me another UTI. I go to hospital (it's the weekend,doctor's offices are closed & i'm desperate for some antibiotics) they do a couple blood tests/re-hydrate me and take a sonogram of my gallbladder/ bladder to make sure nothing serious is going on. Apparently my gallbladder has a bit of 'sludge' in it but besides that everything seems okay. They send me home with more antibiotics to fight the UTI.
A week later I get ANOTHER UTI and am sent by my gyno to a urologist. He suggests I am simply just easily susceptible to them and gives me refills of ciprofloxacin to take when I feel another one coming on, though they area always accompanied by a raging Yeast Infection (which I make sure to take daily Acidopholous for)
I can no longer sleep through the night without having to get up to uriniate one or two times

Feb 10:

Though my UTI's have been under control with the Cipro, my hacking cough remains. It is accompanied by congestion in the nasal cavities and wheezing, and is triggered by physical exercise, laughing, temperature change (going from inside to outside), heavy breathing, or nothing at all.
I go to an internist about my ongoing cough, he seems concerned considering all the other infections I've had, asked a lot of questions, drew blood for tests, sent me to the hospital for a chest x-ray and ended up not knowing exactly what was wrong (he ruled out asthmatic bronchitis) but sent me home with a prescription for steroids and the antibiotic Avelox. The cough subsides for about a week after I take the pills, but has since come back.
Later the Dr. called to say that my blood tests appear fine except for a vitamin D deficiency, and has requested I take a supplement daily as well as spend more time in the sun.

March 10:

I am still coughing and wheezing as I was before the Avelox and Steriods, and for no rhyme or reason, have woken up with a Yeast Infection again. I have been taking 1000mg of Vitamin D daily along with other vitamins, and spending 10-20 minutes in the sun daily.
Lately I've been having night sweats, and a slight fever that comes and goes.

I cannot help but think this is all related to some larger simple problem. Anyone have any idea why I can't seem to stay healthy despite a healthy diet (I am not vegetarian or Vegan), supplement intake, following doctor's orders and an attempt at a good night's sleep??
I want to feel healthy again please, I'm so frustrated!!!!

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