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Been going on since March!

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  • Posted By: redjoy
  • July 1, 2007
  • 02:17 PM

In March I started w/a dry non productive cough that got worse sometimes uncontrollable choking, felt bad, started loosing weight. I went to my Dr he gave me antibiotics for bronchitis. Felt ok for awhile then it was back. Had xray chest, then CS which sd possible sarcoidosis lung disease, Had another CS sd lymph node enlarged. Went to lung Dr he did bronchoscopy took biopsys came back non malignant & lung washing. He sd he wants me to come back in Sept & have ANOTHER CS see if lymph node still swollen & will prob have to take some of lung to test it. He's sending me to ENT Dr because around throat & voice box showed something he sd it could be fungus, sd he has no diagnosis. Something has been on my mind that I'm really giving thought to now, back in March a bug guy came & sprayed he came in house & sprayed & I told him there was a big roach in bathroom & went in w/him to show behind med cabinet. He sprayed & opened door to cabinet & sprayed like carazy w/all meds & stuff in it. I sd isn't that dangerous to us & he sd no. I remember breathing it in & possible taken something from there a med after awhile since he sd no problem. I'm wondering now if this has caused this horrible sickness for 3months that nobody can find & now possible fungus in throat? I am down to skin & bones, so tired & have no energy. It was about a week after the bug guy that I went to my Dr & he gave me meds for bronchitis. I would love to hear any thoughts on this feel like I'm crazy!

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  • Dear redjoy, I empathize whole heartedly with you. I understand your frustrations. I have been there myself. Please read the thread titled "The truth about CFS/ME" couging/chokingweight lossbronchitispossible Sarcoidosis(this one is becoming popular as a possibile diagnosis with many people)enlarged lymph nodesfungus in lungs(which is considered a secondary infection) The spraying that was done in your home may be responsible for the possible bronchitis and lung fungus.I wish you well, as I know what you are going through...mommy cat:)
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  • I have heard of that, so in other words it shuts down your immune system so you are vunerable to get all the other things? We fought my grandsons lyme disease for all his childhood ( I raised him) thats another tough one it reached neurological stage & left him w/learning disabilities. My question is isn't there anything you can do for it, meds, vits, herbs anything? I went nuts looking for him did everything but hold a dead chicken over his head.
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  • Dear redjoy...so sorry to hear about your grandson. There is a big connection between lyme and CFS. I've heard from several people saying that Lyme is very prevelant. There is a gentleman here in thid forum named Ralph. He knows a lot about lyme. You can search his posts by doing an advanced search. He knows the labs who perform very accurate lyme testing and I believe he knows treatment options.I wish you well. Stick around the forum, there is alot to learn...for all of us...May you find peace and comfort knowing that you are not alone...mommy cat:)
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  • I became obbsessive compulsive about lyme joined the lyme assoc & fought for care. I had them send to Bowan & Igenix labs & fought for him to get IV thru the arm 6mo & thru the chest over a yr. He's almost 20 now but you can tell at times he is left with brain fog & needs alot of sleep. Thanks I'll look that man up, good luck to you too.
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  • for the one who had the lyme.. check out www.chronicneurotoxins.com I hope you go and ditch all the meds which were sprayed.. no way would I be taking meds which had been sprayed. Also I strongly suggest you find out for yourself what your place was sprayed with.. then go and research that product and its side effects. CFS is a complex disorder.. i'd think by your symptoms you have something else maybe well related to that spray.
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  • Redjoy, didn't you say that you have had symptoms for a while, not just since the spraying took place?People with CFS have multiple chemical sensitivities. If you were already ill before the spraying, chances are, it didn't help any.I hope you are feeling better...mommy cat:)
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  • The thing I had before the spraying was IBS, had it for yrs but nothing like what I've had since the spraying. I called & asked the name of the spray sd it was Cyfluthrin which of course is toxic to humans, he sd it wasn't when he went nuts spraying w/me right there. I do have the symptoms but from what I hear it is hard to prove chemical problems from an insecticide . I'm going to ask my Dr who I 1st saw right after that if he can run a liver test on me. I have to go monday to see an ENT Dr to ck my throat to see what it is, Pulm Dr sd it might be fungus. I probably have CFS too but this is definately I think from the sray, fits of coughing very dry, lost alot of weight too much & no energy.
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  • Best place to research chemicals is here: http://toxnet.nlm.nih.gov/
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  • Also the Veteran's Administration is doing some work on post-insecticide exposure health problems. Probably grudgingly, but they are doing research.
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