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balance , falling, urinery incontinence and more

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  • Posted By: cindy p
  • July 25, 2013
  • 01:26 AM

I wrote a couple of weeks ago but left some things out. I am a 55 yr old female. First of all when i was a child a had scarlet fever 2 times then i got reumatic fever. A little afer that i got chorea or so they said. I looked up the symptons and those were not what i had. My whole left side just went limp. I just dragged my leg and my arm just hung by my side. I was also left handed. But what was strange i started writing with my right hand like if i always had. I had that for about a year then went back to normal. so back to now. I have copd, sleep apnea(i wear oxyegen at night) and i do suffer from depression. One of my medications is a little sedating but my scyh said that wouldn't be causing my problems. I have had depression almost my whole life. But at least the last 3 years have been doing really good. So about 2 years ago i started urinary incontinence and had to wear pads all the time. Then i started wetting the bed but not every night but alot. Then i noticed i was loosing my balance alot and have fallen. Had a low grade fever off and on all the time. My neck was hurting all the time. I also have ibs so then i had fecal incontinence a few times. I told all the docors it seems to happens when i am standing. When my brain tells me i have to urinate it just starts coming out right away. and then when i am sleeping. Then one morning when i got up i felt fine i went to take my first step and just fell on my knees then wacked my head. My legs just gave out. They always feel weak. And just recently my legs just ache and ache sometimes up into my groin. I also have headaches in the morning sometimes. I have had alot of blood work done seen an infectious desease doctor 2 uros and now i am on my second neuroligist. They have all been useless. Of course because i suffer from depression they all think that is what my problem is. The uros did all their test and said everything was normal. Had an mri of my head and spine. No ms. only found a buldging disk on the cervical spine so that probably explains my neck pain and headaches. I keep pushing and pushing from doctor to doctor but i am about ready to give up and accept that is me.which will be very hard for me. Does anybody think my childhood illnesses have anything to do with all this? The doctors just shrug it off. Any suggestions i am so desperate
Thank you Cindy

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  • My mother had rheumatic fever after contracting TB as a teen. She also suffered from a bad strep B infection. My brother had Scarlet Fever when he was in his late teens.I have had many symptoms similar to yours, but not as dramatic. I had dizziness, brain fog, blurry vision, numbness in foot, gastrointestinal issues, a lack in concentration and memory, and finally, my skin has become crepy...looking more like that of an 80 yr. old than that of a 57 yr. old female.I was diagnosed with a Strep B infection via a pap smear. I have seen numerous doctors, including 2 infectious disease docs, who all tell me it's nothing to worry about. I TOTALLY disagree. This infection is deep seated and is causing ALL of the symptoms I described. It's also contagious, so my children suffer from strange symptoms also. I am now convinced that these infections are not being addressed by the medical community. I know they cause many chronic diseases, such as mental disorders, cancer, chrone's disease, MS, Lupus and many others. I have had numerous courses of antibiotics, which are useless. "What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger" can be applied to bacteria. I have done lots of research and found that GBS is most likely a life-long affliction that rears its ugly head when the body is under stress...physically and/or mentally. It also causes joint pain and inflammation, often leading to joint replacements and such. Strep B has also been linked to OCD (which I have) and Schizophrenia. ANY serious infection causes mental disorders.The medical community is aware of this pandemic, but chooses NOT to recognize it. My theory? If these low-grade infections were "cured" BEFORE they wreak havoc on the body and mind, where would that leave the medical, pharmaceutical, and psychiatric institutions? Without profits!!!...that's where.I am currently taking Cryptolepis tincture (from the root) as a last resort to kill the strep bacteria throughout my body. It tastes horrible, but I hope it works!!! Get checked for streptococcus B. Good luck to you!
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  • Laura2013Thanks for the information. I looked up gbs and i kinda think that is what i really had after rheumatic fever. I Think this is all related but i can not get the doctors to see that! I have not had a pap recently so i am going to get that done. I totally agree the doctors just dont find **** on purpose cause then were would they all be. I truley believe there are cures out there for many deseases and even some cancer but we will never know about it because they wouldn't make any money. But at a cost of our lives. Its very sad that people dont help people anymore. I am now in the process of being referred to teaching hospital were they take on cases like this. So we'll see. I know one thing i am sick and tired of being sick and tired and getting very depressed. Thanks for the info and good luck to you.cindy1
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