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Bad trigeminal neuralgia...

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  • Posted By: shindig
  • August 14, 2012
  • 04:16 AM

Last november I started getting a pain in my side inside my ribcage on the left side. Around the same time I started having the worst pain in my face, and my left arm started to act up.

The symptoms varied over 5-6 months, but were persistent every single day and still are.

I started at my normal physician 5x, who checked tons of blood tests, endocrine, liver, vitamin levels, heart, and I even had an endoscopy to look for an ulcer from the side pain. Which was crystal clear.

He gave me nortryptiline and endomethacin. The nortryptiline helped the nerve pains I get from opening my mouth, but it was still there and I wasn't happy with it as a solution. The doctor would only give me 6 weeks worth, and I was getting copay'd to death. I haven't been back to him.

I went to a dentist thinking it was tooth pain, he referred me to an orthodontist who did a big xray and told me it wasn't a tooth, and referred me to a neurologist.

The neurologist listened to my symptoms and scheduled a MRI, I took it last week, but the neurologist is booked for 2 weeks still. I have no idea what he'll say. If he says there was nothing on it, I'll probably eventually kill myself because it is THAT BAD. I can't even talk to people or concentrate because of the persistent, intense pain.

Symptoms from the arm and side pain:

Feeling of pressure in armpit and down side to the pain inside the ribcage. It's not muscle pain, but rather deep nerve pain or glands or something like that, a deep, core, root pain.

The arm is(for months) numb down the tricep down the arm to the pinky finger and one next to it. Both go through periods of complete numbness for a month or more, other times it goes to a burning stabbing nerve pain almost hypersensitive to touch. But mostly numb.

All 3 pain spots (arm, side inside ribcage, and face) feel like they're connected, it kinda pings back and forth.

Symptoms from Face:
At first it felt like I had novocaine injected between the temple and ear. Or just behind the ear even. My face was numb for a couple weeks, I kept checking in the mirror to see if it moved because it was completely numb.

At the same time I would get "splashes" of firey adrenaline like waves overcome me completely randomly. It felt like the most gut wretching panic/anxiety attack along with this rushing burning in the side of my head that went in a circle around the back left side of the head to the top and to the temple.

The nerves in my cheek burn and stab constantly. Sometimes feeling like electric spasms. If I yawn or talk I get a stabbing spasm going down my jaw almost to the chin.

My eye has been killing me on the left side, it hurts just reading or concentrating, deep inside.

The best way to describe the source of the pain inside the face, is back almost to your tonsils, if you inserted a razor blade strait up into the back left of center of the roof of your mouth, and left it there, that's exactly what it feels like all the time. It feels like everything up in there is sitting on a sharp razor, and when I talk or yawn or even smile it feels like it's being sliced by a razor blade.

I actually went to 2 dentists, eventually an orthodontist, because I was certain that a wisdom tooth moved back and towards the center of my mouth and it felt like the sharp end was poking something. In the back of my mouth, as far back as I can reach my touch back to, there are 2 lumps, one on each side. The one on the left side is where the pain is, above that bone. I thought that bone was a tooth, because if I rub my tongue around it, my pain flairs up big time. The orthodontist took the big wrap-around xray only to tell me the source I was showing him was a bone and not a tooth, and there was nothing on the xray in the way.

He referred me to a neurologist.I had the MRI last week, have to wait 2 weeks to find out what it says.

I'm 28 years old. Male.

What do you guy's think? He of all people should find something shouldn't he? I went to Swedish Medical Center here in Seattle. They did the works, with and without contrast. I was inside the thing for an hour, he said elsewhere it would have been like 20min.

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