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Bad breath, body foot odor

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • December 1, 2006
  • 11:29 PM

I've been to several doctors.
Some of them beeing helpfull and some not so helpfull.
Usually they are more helpfull if I don't shower immediately before the doctors appointment, like 1-2 hours after showering the smells set on.

I have had endoscopia done and they didn't find much. Used to have small ulcers but nothing major.

I usually smell like feet does when you they're sweating, the acid kind of foot odour. I have bad breath, although protone-pump inhibitors helps a bit for this. Sometimes at night I get tingling in my feet.
Almost all the time I have very loose dropings, perhaps it's normal once per week. I go to the toilet (no 2) 2-3 times a day and it smells acid.
My smell gets stronger if I'm nervous and sometimes gets close to a rotting smell. Only when I'm really stressed and my stomach reacts very negative on stress, very very loose stools.
I don't notice my bodily smell but my wife does. Some really close friends has also told me that I smell like foot odor.
This might not have anything to do with it, but my nipples are pretty big, they stand out.

I've been on high fiber diets, which acutally makes everything worse, if anything. Stomach acts up a LOT, lot's of bloating.

This has been going on since I was about 13 and I'm currently 34.

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  • Gastrointestinal problems with foul odor, loose frequent stools, cramps, diarrhea, mmhmm.Onset at puberty, symptoms aggrevated by stress, high fiber makes it worse mmhmm..So what Causes all those symptomsDoesn't get diagnosedFood intolerence. If your northern European in decent, its probably gluten (wheat, rye, barley), corn, or soy. If you're African or Asian, milk would be the most likely culprit.You said you had an endoscope? Did they do a small intesnine biopsy? You may also want to order a blood analysis for allergy serum.Doctors tend to not be very helpful with food intolerences, yet they love to treat the residual effects and conditions while missing the big picture.If you want relief fast, try an elimination diet. Eat nothing but meat, potato, and fresh fruits and vegetables for a week. Avoid flavorings and processed foods. Whatever you do, don't touch a piece of bread or any baked goods - that would make you worse whether its milk or wheat. Since you said the high fiber diet makes things worse, the wheat thing would make a lot of sense.You still need fiber, just get it from beans or something like that. Look out for bbq sauce, it usually has wheat in it :(A year ago I was going through what you're going through. Probably worse. My whole life I had been teased about sweating and body odor even though I was practically OCD about hygeine. The hammer came down when I got fired from a HORRIBLE job because of co-workers complaints.Smelling funny is one thing, but your health is really at risk if this is an untreated food intolerence. If that's the case, you could be at risk for more than strange looks from strangers, such as: cancer, lupus, rhuemetoid arthritis, myocardia, and all disoreders associated with malnutrition, such as osteoperosis, anemia and even hair loss. Is there any family history of any of those things, or other unexplained health conditions?
    Azaral 152 Replies
    • December 2, 2006
    • 04:55 PM
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  • It's not gluten, had that testedblood analysis, yes. Dont know for what they tested thoughsmall intestine biopsy, yes nothing foundnorth-european descendantno history in family.I'm really healthy other than what I posted in my original post. I acutally ate nothing but salad for a whole month once. Some seafood as well. That was not for this condition, I had gained a couple of pounds working a lot and wanted to get rid of them. Anyhow this didn't better anything, it made my stools even looser....?It's all sort of weird, but hey one day I'll find out.Luckily I don't have to worry about getting fired since I have my own company.I don't go around worrying about cancer or other things either. Since they haven't found a solution, as of now that wouldn't do me any good.I'll just have to go to a new doctor and see if he/she can think of something.
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    • December 4, 2006
    • 03:22 AM
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  • OK. You sound pretty much identical to me ten years ago, and it started around the same age. And it was all pretty simple to fix most of it. One day I read about good bacteria in the mouth and on the skin, being killed off through the use of soap and deodorants and tooth pastes. Without the good bacteria the toxin, waste and enzymes that are excreted through the skin can’t get eaten up by the good bacteria and their smell neutralized. Antiperspirants are bad as they prevent the body from getting rid of waste through the skin which is essential and natural and could be a reason for worse than normal smelling stools as it is all building up in our intestine.Since I suffered bad breathe and BO along with my quad friend I cared for whose bad breathe took a lot of beating, as well as her BO and oily skin that was so oily I had to use a towel to grab hold of her she was so slippery, I decided not to use soap, deodorant or tooth paste on either of us for a week. Incredible results would be putting it mildly. We haven’t washed with soap or brushed with tooth paste since than. I only use soap for my hands or if for some reason I get grease on me.My stools don’t smell near as bad, if at all, and if they do I know I have eaten something I shouldn’t, like too much chicken.Are you blood type A? I am. Blood type also has a bearing on odor and what foods we should and shouldn’t eat. Milk has me bloated and producing heaps of nasal mucus. But plain yogurt is fine as there is no lactose in yogurt. Wheat produces like bread, pastas make me fatigued and grumpy. (at the moment I don’t even eat rice or any form of carb as I am insulin resistant and gain weight at an incredible rate, any carb has to come from fresh fruit and veg, but I still am eating some chocolate. After I get some more tests I go on another eating program and Chinese herbs to reverse my insulin resistance, but have to have further test first for the record). And what about washing? I wash with water and dry myself down with a vigorous rub with the towel to remove any dead skin cells produced during the day. I live in the tropics of the Northern Territory of Australia, I sweat heaps, I have even gone without a shower for three days and I didn’t smell!!! I couldn’t believe it. I go for showers now because they are refreshing, not because I smell. I brush my teeth with bicarbonate of soda (what was used in the old days before we were swamped with toothpastes). Or witch hazel, but for anyone with a drinking problem beware as this has alcohol in it. Or I just brush with plain water mostly.I had a bowel massage (which is not invasive though painful, and it was well worth the pain. I had two of them to make sure she hadn’t missed anything) by a naturopath to remove any waste that was attached to my bowel lining and ate a few kilo of plain yoghurt over the following days to build up good bacteria in my intestine.If I do detect a bit of odor in my arm pit I use either a little talcum powder, tea tree oil or a little bicarb (not that it have tried the bicarb yet). Hope this helps.Agape,searchingsam
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    • December 4, 2006
    • 04:32 AM
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