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Bacterial infections but never cold or flu

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • April 9, 2007
  • 03:59 PM

My immune system seems to do a poor job protecting me from bacterial & yeast infections but does an extraordinary job fighting off viruses. I suffer regularly from terrible (and I do mean terrible) bacterial & yeast/fungal infections that are resistant to treatment. I only get a common head cold once every 5-7 yrs and the flu about once every 10 years. I normally have a low body temperature (97.2). No matter how severethe infections and chills are, I rarely get a fever. It is always a low grade fever, 99.2 at the most. Anyone have anything similar to this? Your sharing would be most appreciated. My doctors give me a blank stare when I bring this up. Thanks.

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  • hmmm...you sound fairly knowlegeable, but sometimes diagnosis gets confusing to say the least. With the symptoms you describe it sounds like you have a persistent infection stuck in you somewhere, that's for sure. Number one- stop eating sugar...it feeds any infection you have, like gas for a car. With candida you need to START taking some type of probiotic ASAP and STOP taking antibiotics, if that's what you've been doing.If you need a potent anti-bacterial/anti-viral, then consider a medicinal mushroom compound such as AHCC (active hextrose correlated compound) from Immpower (stay away from Source Naturals) or oregano oil. good luck
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  • This might sound a bit severe, but have you ever had an HIV test? At the start, before the infection progresses to AIDS, frequent bacterial and fungal infections are common. In many instances, this is actually when people discover they actually have HIV. I know you said you rarely get viral infections, but it's still possible to have HIV.Did you ever have an EBV infection (mono)? Sometimes if you get it as a young child, it can severely weaken your immune system and make you more prone to infections. Are you on any medications regularly? Do you exercise frequently? How old are you? Have you ever had major surgery or an organ transplant? Have you (or do you) taken antibiotics for extended periods of time?
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  • I have similar symptoms. Don't get the flu often (do not get the flu shot), but I more often get a yeast infection, upper respiratory infection or gastritis (vommiting diarhea). I also have "fevers" nearly every day that are around 99.3-99.9. The only other time I have had a very high fever was when I got mastitis when breast feeding (103). I did not get a fever when I had appendicities, either! It was not acute, however, but chronic appendicities (The pain localized and became worse over a period of months). With these "fevers", my face and neck get very hot, but I do not get very flushed (turn bright red). I do not think it is hot flashes, though I am 38. I do have lots of other problems, such as being overweight, recurrent kidney stones (calcium oxalate), extreme fatique, and joint pain. I just found out I have a fatty liver while getting an u/s for my kidneys. I can't say the weight is the problem (though it is not good), because I started feeling crappy and then gained the weight (was normal size, now gained 100 pounds since college).I was thinking the same thing, that my body temp is low. It was around 96.7-97.9 upon awakening when I charted for trying to get pregnant several years ago. When tested, my Thyroid panel is always in normal range. I have perfect cholesterol, triglycerides and sugar. The only abnormal lab tests have been an ANA (ranging from 1:320 or 1:160 and once 1:80) and a sedimentation rate in the 20's. I am negative for RA and all of the tests for lupus, scleroderma. The thought 10 years ago was that I might have fibromyalgia (didn't meet all of the criteria ) and mixed connective tissue disease. The facial/neck hotness bothers me and I FEEL feverish when this happens. No one has any explanation, especially since the temp is not above 100.5.I would love an explanation, too!
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