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Back, Rib, and Neuroloical Issues that Lead to Neck Issues

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  • April 22, 2015
  • 04:08 AM

Three years ago I was suffering a likely stress-induced period of insomnia. Around this time I took up a new very physically demanding job. I was also at this time a competitive bodybuilder.

I was sleeping terribly yet still working 8hrs lifting 40lb boxes at work, and then lifting 200-300lbs at the gym 3x per week.

Within a matter of weeks I started to develop--to which I can only describe closely as--hypnic jerks. These occured everytime I was about to fall asleep, without fail. Basically, at the point right before sleep where my body is about to slip into unconscious sleep, I'd get the sensation of falling from a building or being greatly startled that caused me to literally jolt back awake. The sensation felt as if it was originating in my head as it physically jerked forward when this happened. This made more than 2-3hrs sleep impossible and I was physically exhausted everyday.

Shortly following this, I started to get a very deep achey-bruising-like pain in my left scapula. This only grew worse with time and eventually lead to that area snapping, popping, and cracking everytime I took in a deep breath or changed positions. I could physically feel the bones snapping and moving about when this happened. Following this, all the popping and cracking additionally spread to the left corresponding side of my body and left pectoral area.

As both these problems grew worse, I additionally started to get muscular jerks in my arms, legs (restless leg syndrome), hips, and sometimes face when sitting or resting--also making sleep impossible. Following this numbness and tingling in legs were also thrown into the mix.

Any attempt at using my back or lifting much of anything would greatly exacerbate all symptoms mentioned above for about 24-48hrs.

All doctors thus far provided contradicting diagnosis's from eachother after all x-rays and mri scans came back negative. However, the general consensus being that ligaments were stretched (lax) causing popping/moving ribs in combination with a potential scapular issue.

Resting did not do anything as the instability seemed to only grow worse and the neurological issues only varied instead of easing off. Thus, I eventually began ligament-injection (prolo)therapy to see if that would help stop the slipping ribs by tightening/healing the ligaments.

Marginal results were seen, and at the lack of recovery and the unexplained neurological problems it was advised that I try these injections in my neck.

Exactly one month following this neck injection strange things occured. For one, the exact same cracking, popping, and snapping I had in my back/side/ribs also was now happening in the base of my skull and upper neck area. Additionally, I went from not sleeping to sleeping 16hrs straight and still feeling exhausted. The neurological symptoms previously described eased off in favor of new ones--such as severe memory loss, cognitive decline, the inability to read properly, dizziness, blurred vision, facial swelling, one eye closed more than the other, tearing of eyes, intense fear, anxiety, swinging of emotions, loss of sex drive, hyper-sensitivity to noise and light.

Basically a non-operable, vegatative, dementia-like, constant fight-or-flight state that makes daily life tasks near impossible.

Furthermore, at times my eyes burn red and I have a permanent patch of red veins in the corners of each eyes now. Also, and very weird; showering--even luke warm water-- causes all of these symptoms to exacerbate greatly, as well as making my eyes burn red for about an hour, and my neck to somehow crack more following. Thus I now avoid showering. Oh, and one more thing my hair also began falling out after the neck problems. Currently, I've lost about 50% of my hair as it has completely changed from healthy and luscious to brittle, greasy, and peeling of my scalp.

The most accurate diagnosis's I have gotten in three years, collectively, are:

-Ligament Laxity in the form of Slipping Rib Syndrome which coincides with somewhat synonymous diagnosis's like costovertebral instability, thoracic-vertebral instability

-Scapular winging and/or dysfunction

-C0-C1&C6 Instability (ligaments) also in this case synonymous with Barre Lieou Syndrome

In summary, I am wondering if anyone else has suffered anything remotely close to these conditions?


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  • It sounds like Lmes, that's what I have many symptoms are similar to yours. You should get checked out with a lyme literate doctor soon. As many doctors are oblivious to chronic Lymes. Good luck
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  • Maybe Compartment Syndrome or Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
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