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Back Drainage sensation with dizziness, followed by heart palpitation, sweats, nausea

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 20, 2015
  • 03:27 AM

I've been in and out of the emergency and to many doctors due to heart palpitations and sweats caused by ill flu like muscle tenderness sensations of the upper back. this is sometimes accompanied by dizziness and a sensation of drainage. Like blood is leaving my brain and back. As a result, my heart rate increases, followed by uncontrollable sweats, sense of shakiness/tingly and nausea stemming from the heart. When I went to the hospital they stupidly gave me reglan which increased my dizziness, the source of my nausea and I puked.

I've suffered from severe insomnia since I was 12. As a result doctors keep dismissing my symptoms as random, anxiety related.

I have no emotional ups or lows to trigger these symptoms. But I will admit being unvalidated and being unable to find a doctor that can help me has caused frustrations.

The ill symptoms occur usually when I finally manage to doze asleep, or when i get a massage, hot baths, steamy rooms, certain smells, etc.. All I know is that the area behind my armpits-back feels tender and a sensation of something warping around my back deep inside, and a drainage like sensation is triggering my palpitations, uncontrollable internal shakes, sweats, and nausea. I have on occasion blacked out and woke witha sense like i can hear my consciousness but cant quite sense anything.. as if I had no body.

But in short my main symptoms start off with either faint headness.. sensation of changes in circulation, followed by tingles wraping around my head, neck, upper back, behind armpit and rib area, which results in heart palpitations, nausea and sweats.

I've worn a holter monitor.. sinus rythym, recorded high heart rate up to 134, my regular heart rate monitor has even recorded symptoms above 160. The doctor wont validate... because my blood tests showed up fine. I am struggling to get any tests done. I have done an MRI and it is normal... but I dont know how they interpreted that since I did see the image and my brain looks tiny (lots of black space)compared to images you see online.

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  • Hi my english may be no good,but enough to tell you that I was feeling the same way as you and this is why I am reapply because I know how you feel. Believe me I have had all what you explain and I want to showed everybody that I was really sick, but wasn't until I convinced myself that I really was having a generalized ansiety attack ,then I went to psychological groups therapist which I educate myself with people who were experiencing the same thing for years and they were still alive, and I learned how to overcome all those feelings and to live a normal life. I can't tell you that I also went to a spiritual retirement and that day my panic attacks totallydisappeared. I am telling you my story from 10 years ago, and stop beenconcern about hoy you body feel,look for something to do,because you mind is powerful and you puching it to be for real sick, live your life and don't be scare and don't pay attention to your psyntoms they going to go away and you don't even going to noticed. G
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