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b-12 levels of 137

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • May 23, 2007
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I am a 43 year old women that since August has had extreme diarreha, stomach pains and extreme fatique. My primary doctor sent me to a specialist who performed a colanoscopy, an upper GI scope and I also had an xray of my small bowel. They found an outpouch on my small bowel and my doctor said it was a bacterial overgrowth and put my on Xyfaction (an antibiotic) and told me I should start feeling better in a couple days. He also checked my B-12 levels and they were 137! Now from reading these boards I know that 137 is very low. I recently fell and sprained 2 fingers and bruised my ribs and I feel it was due to my levels being so low. My doctor said I need b-12 shots and ordered a capsile endoscopy of my small bowel. I do not have a medical background and Just dont know of any questions I should be asking or of any underlying problems with my b-12 levels being so low. This doctor really doesnt explains things very well and I just need help. If anyone can relate to my problems please reply.

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  • I can relate...I have had a colonoscopyupper GI endoscopySmall bowel x-ray(series)and almost went for an encapulated endoscopy went to Roswell Park, Buffalo NY for a presumptive diagnosis of Carciniod Syndrome which is caused from a cancerous tumor...Well, it turns out I don't have cancer, YEAH!!!! I have had the exact tests you have and they have found nothingI've been mis/wrongly diagnosed with everything from Peri-menopause to Chron's-diverticulitis and irritable bowel syndrome am currently being tested for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome I'm not saying this is your diagnosis, just that it is worth looking into Look around threads in this forum...you will see others are experiencing many similar symptoms diarrheastomach painsfatiguebacterial overgrowthslow B-12 levels there are many symptoms involved with this illness, above are a few... Be well...mommy cat:)
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  • Thank you for the reply. It's funny I am from Buffalo NY. Did you get your b-12 levels checked? Mine are very low and today is my first round of shots I am hoping this will make me feel someone normal. Do you have trouble functioning in your life? I am off of work because I have no energy and cant even hardly do everyday things. I really want just to feel better. Well good luck to you
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  • small world...I do have trouble functioning...some days some are better than others...I have sever joint/muscle pain as well as many many other symptoms Please visit www.ahummingbirdsguide.com there is info there on ME...which in this country we call chronic fatigue. Many on this site are complaining of similar symptoms I have heard back from many saying they are taking this info to their doctors...many are grateful, like myself, after years of searching to get a diagnosis. Once you know what it is...you can figure out how to deal with it Good luck in your search...mommy cat:)
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  • Many stomach conditions (and other conditions) can cause a b-12 deficiency. So you have GI trouble this isn't rare, and is probably why you are having fatique.So it's good that you know that - the b12 injections should help you start feeling a lot better. As for your stomach - you could have stomach inflamation, bacteria overgrowth, pernicious anemia, etc etc etc... but hopefully they will find the cause of your GI problems.
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  • To add to samssf: Did you know some medications, histamine blockers, like prilosec, zantac, prevacid can actually cause B12 to not be absorbed?!?!? He is correct, there are many causes. People used to die from B12 deficiency (pernicious anemia). I am still trying to figure it out myself. My level was 227. The nurse that wrote the book on the below thread recommends a few other tests to confirm B12 deficiency. Sometimes, folic acid can somehow play a part in masking a deficiency or be related. My Dr. checked my folate level but did not offer any other tests. When I asked, they just said they didn't bother about the why, they just treated the deficiency because in the end it didn't matter. Only treatment mattered. Not so sure I like that answer. Please look at the medical story on this forum...a great read for B12 http://forums.wrongdiagnosis.com/showthread.php?t=9948. The B12 shots I am getting have not made me feel a whole lot better. I am wondering if it is because I am taking cyanocobalamin rather than the suggested methylcobalamin....or perhaps I am too far gone. I have had fatigue for....20 years. I am coincidentally doing B12 shots as part of a Dr. assisted weight loss plan, so I am getting lots of B12, now for 2 months. I hope it all goes well for you.
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  • Thank you both for your reply. According to one of my test I do have bacteria overgrowth. I just picked up a breath test kit to see how bad. My doctor said this could be the reason why my B-12 levels are so low the Bacteria will not allow my system to absorb b-12. Day 2 of b-12 shots and still no change in how I am feeling, I know it will be a while but I cant wait to feel better.
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  • Breath test? For what exactly? Did the Dr. recommend it? Where? Could you explain, please? I never heard of such a thing! Thanks!
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  • You may have gluten intolerance or celiacs disease. Ask your doctor about this. I had the same sorts of symptoms and finally figured it out myself. I got off eating anything with gluten and the symptoms resolved in two days. Celiacs disease is an autoimmune disease related to the ingestion of gluten. Gluten intolerance isn't an autoimmune disease but causes similar problems with the ingestion of gluten. It is a commonly missed diagnosis. One person in around 100 has it but of the people who have it only one in eight is properly diagnosed.www.celiac.com is a great website for more information about the disease and about what food to avoid.Best of luck. Figuring out a chronic disease can be difficult and the physicians often let us down.Kathy
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  • V52 and Kathy thanks for the replys. In regards to the breath test. I had a proceedure done that showed I had Bacterial overgrowth in my small bowel. the breath test is to find out what levels of bacteria are in my system. I do this test at home and it takes about 3 hours. I basically breath into test tubes and sent them to the lab so they can check my levels. My doctor thinks my low b-12 levels are do to high bacteria. All research on bacterial overgrowth states this fact.
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  • Try a Gluten free diet. Stop eating sugar. Take pill form of good bacteria, acidopholis. Your intestines should start working properly, and start absorbing the nutrients. Good Luck.
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    • October 12, 2008
    • 00:22 AM
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