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Autism-Vaccine Links Get Test In Court

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  • Posted By: Eatafruit78
  • June 11, 2007
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Autism-Vaccine Links Get Test In Court

Parents Say Thimerosal Harmed Children

POSTED: 9:36 am EDT June 11, 2007
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Thousands of families that allege vaccines caused their children's autism are preparing for their day in court, which could bring them vindication and compensation.Since 1999, more than 4,800 families have filed claims with the government alleging their children contracted autism as a result of routine vaccinations. Most contend that a preservative called thimerosal is to blame for the impaired social interaction typical of the disorder.Previously, large scientific studies have found no association between autism and vaccines containing thimerosal.

But many parents say their children's symptoms did not show up until after their children received the vaccines, required by many states for admission to school. If they prevail in the courts, the families are entitled to compensation from a multibillion-dollar trust fund. The first of what eventually could be nine test cases from those claims is the subject of the hearing opening Monday in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims. Three special masters appointed by the court will preside over the hearing, expected to last through June 29. Autism is characterized by impaired social interaction. Those affected often have trouble communicating, and they exhibit unusual or severely limited activities and interests. Classic symptoms of mercury poisoning include anxiety, fatigue and abnormal irritation, as well as cognitive and motor dysfunction. Monday's case addresses the theory that the cause of autism is the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine in combination with other vaccines containing thimerosal. The preservative, about 50 percent mercury by weight, is no longer found in routine childhood vaccines but is used in some flu shots. In July 1999, the U.S. government asked vaccine manufacturers to eliminate or reduce, as expeditiously as possible, the mercury content of their vaccines to avoid any possibility of infants who receive vaccines being exposed to more mercury than is recommended by federal guidelines.

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  • My son has autism. He was diagnosed just shy of his 3rd birthday.. I'm not sure how vaccines may have played a role in it, if any. I have a cousin with Autism, and his mom swears it has everything to do with it. Will be interesting to see the outcome of the court case, either way.
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  • My son has autism. He was diagnosed just shy of his 3rd birthday.. I'm not sure how vaccines may have played a role in it, if any. I have a cousin with Autism, and his mom swears it has everything to do with it. Will be interesting to see the outcome of the court case, either way.You can have your son tested with NAET- it is painless. There are many good testimonials about NAET and autism.naet.com
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  • I have CFS. I have done a lot of research recently regarding vaccines due to information regarding the link in CFS and vaccinations. CFS was deemed the "Yuppie Flu" in the 1980s when there was a "sudden spike" in CFS/ME. "Yuppies" were known as men and women in college, earning degrees or already employed in professional occupations, such as medical professionals(nurses, doctors) as well as teachers and other professions. In regards to CFS, Medical professionals, teachers and students run the highest risk of developing it. Why, you ask? For they are the professional population who recieve the most vaccines per average, every year.CFS and Autism are almost one in the same. Autism=CFS in babies. I am an adult who suffers CFS. I cannot imagine being a child suffering autism. It is time this comes to light, for autistic children, parents of autistic children and the professionals who put themselves at risk by accepting vaccinations for everything from Influenza every year to Tetanus every 10 Hepatitis B series and many many more over a period of years.Vaccines were not tested for 50 years before being administered to MILLIONS of people around the globe.
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  • By Anita ManningThe increase in autism are fueling a grass-roots movement of parents determined to expose what they believe is a connection between autism and vaccines. Autism, a developmental disability that usually appears before a child's third birthday, profoundly affects communication and social skills, impairing the child's ability to play, speak and relate to the world. The U.S. Department of Education reports a 173% increase in autistic children served under the Individuals With Disabilities Education Act between the 1992-93 school year, when 15,580 children were counted, and 1997-98, when the figure was 42,500.
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  • The connection between vaccination and autistic behavior, first reported in DPT: A Shot in the Dark (Coulter & Fisher, 1985) fifteen years ago and now being discussed in the medical literature, has finally entered the U.S. public arena after simmering for more than a decade. This enhanced public awareness has been fueled by persistent reports by parents in the U.S., Canada and Europe that their children were healthy, bright and happy until they received one or more vaccines and then descended into the isolated, painful world of autism marked by chronic immune and neurological dysfunction, including repetitive and uncontrollable behavior. Conservative estimates are that about 500,000 Americans are autistic but that number is growing daily, with new evidence that perhaps as many as 1 in 150 children are suffering from autism spectrum disorder that can include a range of neurological, behavior and immune system dysfunction. In 1999, as states revealed skyrocketing rates of autism spectrum disorder among children and a congressional hearing was held in the U.S. Congress, the media began to explore the medical controversy in print and broadcast reports. At the heart of the debate stand a few courageous physicians whose independent, multi-disciplinary approach to investigating the possible biological mechanisms of vaccine-induced autism is serving as a counterweight to the steadfast denials by infectious disease specialists and government health officials defending current mass vaccination policies. As scientific evidence reveals that a portion of autism lies on the vaccine injury spectrum, parents determined to find help for their children are turning to doctors exploring diet and immune modulating therapies
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  • Are there chimeras in our vaccines?*****With the advent of cloning, artificial wombs, stem cell research and trying to create life from unnatural means, an article from National Geographic News reveals that a growing controversy has begun over the making of Chimeras, which is the mixing of two or more species in a body, and in this case, human and animal. In other words, it is the creation of new species, part human and part whatever the scientist fancies to use. Visions of all manner of freakish creatures come to mind as likely have been envisioned by many, from Spiderman to the H. G. Wells novel, The Island of Dr. Moreau. Chimeras themselves are defined as a mythical fire-breathing creature composed of a lion's head, a goat's body and a serpent's tail.The Sphinx is an example of a type of chimera. According to the National Geographic article, the U.S. has no federal laws to address the chimera issue, while Canada has banned chimeras, fully prohibiting the transfer of "a nonhuman cell into a human embryo and putting human cells into a nonhuman embryo." The National Academy of Sciences, which advises the U.S. government, hopes to present voluntary ethical guidelines for researchers in March of this year. But consensus even for that report appears to have been difficult as various scientists disagree about whether it might be unethical to have a human embryo implanted into an animal's womb and similar unbelievable subject matter. ****I still have to go and look for the orginial article.http://www.seekgod.ca/chimeras.htm
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  • http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2005/01/0125_050125_chimeras.htmlMaybe we all vaccinated subjects are chimera experiments. Since vaccines are grown on animal tissue and then inyected to us.
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  • Well I am going to stir everyone up here. Autism is another one of those diseases invented to describe behaviour. There are no blood tests, scans, etc. for it, but it is diagnosed by ticking a few boxes. One of the criteria for example is "insistence on sameness, resists change". Which presumably lumps in almost everyone except politicians. Another is "repetitive behaviour", which presumably includes anyone who has any kind of hobby. In reality, we are all probably autistic to some extent, it is just that some people reach an arbitrary threshold number of criteria. I doubt whether the numbers have changed much over the years, it is just that the diagnosis of autism (as well ADD, ADHD, DBD, RAD, and so on) has grown alongside the number of psychologists. When I was at school there were some 'crazy' kids there, but I don't remember any of them being diagnosed as having any type of disorder. I think we are some way off knowing what makes a bright child, slow child, angry child, etc. but I don't think labelling some as having a disorder is helping much. Banging them full of antidepressants to modify their behaviour in some cases is bordering on a breach of human rights in my mind. Who knows whether vaccines are harmful, but I do know that the arguments are primarily emotional. I personally doubt the mercury argument anyway, since the mothers diet during pregnancy is likely to have been far more important. Still, it should make an interesting case!
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  • If one was to research Autism and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, they would find several distinct correlations. Autism in babies=CFS in adults. It is the same disease. The Autism happens due to the fact that the child's brain is not fully developed. In adults with CFS, memory loss, confusion, psuedodyslexia and many other neurological symptoms occur. Autistic children also have immune dysfunction, the same as CFS patients. The underlying connection to all of this are the vaccines. Parents report their children are fine until they recieve the vaccines. There is an obvious connection as Medical Professionals, teachers, students and military run the highest risk of CFS. Why? They are the population who recieve the most vaccines in a lifetime. No research was done on humans prior to the invention of the first vaccine, on the long term effects of multiple vaccinations. We are the research group. We are now finding out that perhaps vaccines were not the greatest invention of all time. And we are now learning the long term effects of multiple vaccines injected into the same person and initial vaccines given to the children. MC
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  • Unregistered, there are a number of flaws in your argument. The obvious factor linking the miltary, students, teachers, etc. is that they are more likely to come into contact with a wide range viruses due to the different people that they meet. They receive different vaccines also (notably anthrax in the military). CFS is reported in most cases following an illness, so it is obvious vaccinations are not the sole cause anyway. That is not to say that vaccinations don't precipitate chronic fatigue, but I don't see how you can explain them as a linking cause with autism. I criticised the diagnosis of autism earlier, but one point is that chronic fatigue is not a symptom of those diagnosed as autistic. There does appear to be some imbalance in the immune system of both autistic patients and CFS sufferers, but that is about as far as it goes. Loose speculation that the two are the same doesn't explain why autism is more prevalent in males and CFS is more prevalent in females. It doesn't explain also why autism is a lifetime condition and CFS is not. There is some evidence that autism is partially genetic. The same has been proposed also for CFS. But as of yet, the causes of either havent been pinned down.
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  • Dear ken, what about the heavy metal poisioning in both groups?How about the allergy to wheat/gluten that both groups suffer? Celiac Disease.How about vaccines are made from viruses?How about there are a lot more connections and many ways to argue these points.There are so many "coincidences" involved here, one must begin to wonder where the line lies regarding coincidence/correlation/connection?Ask yourself if the vaccines are a "possibility" for CFS and Autism.Give me one reason to rule out this possibilityMC
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  • MC, I am not saying that CFS and autism are not autoimmune disorders, or that they don't have a viral or environmental trigger. I just don't see how they can be regarded as the same when the symptoms are different. Moreover, CFS has causes that clearly are not related to vaccines. I thought the main thought behind vaccines causing autism was that the preservative they contain was high in mercury content. In fact vaccines contain all sorts of things that can trigger reactions, allergic or otherwise. It is hard to know what to make of it, but I don't think the vaccines can explain the dramatic increase in diagnosed cases of autism. Somewhat cynically, I think the cause of this might be more closely related to the increase in the number of psychologist who are diagnosing characteristics as disorders.
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  • Dear Ken, how about a friend of mine from another country who recieved 6 vaccines at once when she came to the states. Shortly after that, her symptoms began. Coincidence or Connection?I am a nurse. I have CFS. My symptoms date back to my last Influenza shot. After that one, my symptoms began. Coincindence or Connection?How many vaccines does it take to make a person sick? Noone knowsWhat symptoms are different in Autism and CFS?Who did any research on the long term effects of hundreds of vaccines pumped into the human body before the government mandated that it was the law to be vaccinated? The answer.......NOONE.Give me one valid reason why the vaccines are not connected to CFSThere are many researchers, doctors and scientists who are now studying this but for some of us, the damage is done.MC
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  • Unregistered, I did not say vaccines were not a cause of CFS, I said they were not the (i.e. sole) cause. A lot of the causes seem to be related to previous illnesses, especially something like glandular fever. The big difference between autism and CFS, is that autism is not associated with the debilitating fatigue which CFS is. If you have CFS, you do have my sympathies.
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  • MC: glad to see you back in the posts and see that you are as spunky as ever;) . CFS/ME is an autoimmune disease and I suppose it is possible to have developed this as an allergic response to the flu vaccine. This would need more research I think. Kenn, I always appreciate reading your thoughtful posts, and have to agree with you regarding vaccines and autism. There has got to be another missing link between autism and vaccines...this could perhaps be better explained as an allergic response that some people have to a particular vaccine. I was under the impression that thimersol is no longer used in most vaccines, with the exception of the flu vaccine. If that is the case, why are the autism figures continuing to rise? I think there is more going on here, and vaccines are an easy scapegoat. I agree with you Kenn that the mother's nutritional health during pregnancy is a very important factor. I have had ALL of the vaccines and turned out fine:p . My husband too. I know of many others who haven't had reactions to vaccines. So I just think there is another cause that hasn't yet been investigated. I think the allergic response is much more complex than originally thought, and that is why I love Dr. Devi Nambudripad's approach. She has been very successful in treating autistic children. Best wishesDOM
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  • Exactly!. I understand there is information missing in the connection. I myself do not have or ever have had mono, glandular fever, HH6, Lupus,Lyme, HIV or EBV. I have not, however, been tested by IGeneX labs in CA. Perhaps it may come back positive for Lyme. My guess is yes, as there must be another viral/bacterial agent that is the missing link. There is also connections with people who have been involved in severe accidents and ended up with CFS. The trauma must lend itself to the "illness " being put in motion. I have done a lot of research regarding the "connection" of the vaccines to both Autism and CFS. There must be an already existing, underlying cause. When the vaccines are administered in some people, the vaccine "puts the illness in motion". In adults it is displayed as CFS. In children, Autism. I have attended 2 Bioset therapy sessions and am thoroughly convinced it works. Within 10 years there will be a Bioset or NAET therapist on every corner. This forum is evolving as well as the realm of modern medicine. We are all evolving by sharing and exchanging information. Ain't life grand? :)MC
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  • shut up know it alls!
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  • Some good points above. Kenn - I feel that many young ones are not made out of good parts - mom's nutrition - and are much more susceptible to stress from many things like vaccines and all the wonderful chemicals in the world. And Allergic reactions with autistic kids are very common also. I work with some autistic kids and in some this is a major factor. And the thimersol is still in some vaccines. The so called elimination is actually a reduction. Like the trans fats. If one serving is less than half a gram, legally it can be said that there are none. Same with the mercury - below a certain level they can say none but some is still there. On the laws - they vary from state to state. Schools will tell you it must be done even when it doesn't have to be. Some states allow philosophical objections, some allow religious objections and some both. Some, like WV, allow none. So call your state health board to find out. And tell them if you do not get the truth, you will raise you know what. We have survived as a species for 3 million years without vaccines. Why do we need them now? Actual studies show decreases in those evil diseases before vaccines were intorduced. IMO political spin and fear mongering by the government that is "protecting" us and from BigPharma money sucking.
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  • Ok, Ok, Ok...There is a positive correlation here.....and an argument I see....CFS/ME plus Autism plus ADHD plus Allergies plus Workplace (Toxic) Chemicals plus horrendously unfortunate family history of pre-school students....lets throw in a multicultural community plus a 600 place Learning Centre, where immunisation is the law. Then add one very inquisitive individual who has a Psychology and Teaching Degree....do we then have the basis for my point of view.... I have the leads, I have authority permission, I have the statistics. Hands up who wants a small scale inquiry......Yes? Ok, well consider it done....
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  • Ralph, yes, many young ones are not made from good parts. Reason? Mom and Dad and Grandma and Grandpa also recieves vaccines in their lifetime. I'm not saying vaccines are the sole reason for autism or CFS but that there is a distinct correlation being seen.The $ is the major problem.BigPharma $/yesGot Restless Legs?...take RequipGot Insomnia?...take Lunesta,RozeremGot bladder control problems?...take Detrol LAGot erectile dysfunction?...take Viagara, Cialis, Levitraand so on.What I have noticed is that the diagnoses listed above, are actually symptoms od CFS.MC
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