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attacks after cholecystectomy??

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • April 17, 2007
  • 00:21 AM

I started having these attacks in june of 06. the dr finally figured out that i had gallstones and removed my gall bladder in march of 07 (last month). i have still been having the attacks. i have had 5 in the past week which is when they started again. it starts in my upper abdomen and i feel it in my back just as bad. i vomit and my abdomen shakes like crazy. i cant move or breath during these attacks. they are so bad that i would honestly rather die. i went to the e.r and they did nothing for me. they sent me home and said some blood tests came back normal. i dont even know what they tested me for!! This pain stayed for about 3 days the last time and i still feel it. its in the same place just not as severe. im managing with percocet for now. but i feel that it can act up again at any given time and be really severe. i went for an abdominal ultrasound last week and they told me today that it came back normal. wtf?? i dont know what is wrong with me. i feel like i have indigestion, i know i have gerd i take 2 nexiums every day. the 40 mg ones. and the dr says my acids are under control. i dont know what to do anymore. i have diarreah all the time. i go at least 7 times a day and its always runny or very narrow. could that be part of what ever is causing these pains? i really feel like if the dr's cant find out what is wrong i just want to die. i cant live like this. in constant pain. i told God that im ready to go if this is how i have to feel cuz its more than i can bear. i cant take it anymore. its all in my upper right and left abdomen. in the middle of the upper abdomen. and in my back under my shoulders. please someone tell me i am not crazy. it would be nice if someone could come up with some suggestions for me to throw at the doctors too. i feel like they are just in it for the money. the more tests they run, the more money they get! i am tired of hurting. i am only 23 years old and dont want to live the rest of my life like this.

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  • How did your doctor figure out you had gallstones? Did they just assume or did they take a CT? Sounds like you have something serious going on and it probably has to do with the constant diherreah. Have it tested for parasites, have a Celiac panel, a colitis test, and get a referral to a GI specialist. Don't give up hope!
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  • Sounds like CLASSIC pancreatitis! Have they checked your amalayse levels? ( pancreatic enzymes). Pancreatitis is usually related to excessive alcohol consumption or drug use, or gall stones or sometimes (this is my case) high triglycerides. The diareah happens when your enzymes are out of whack. Get yourself a good GI doctor. Hang in there!
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  • I have been having some symptoms like you have been having but not as bad. I have the constant abdominal pain, lower back pain, diarrhea, painful bowel movements, and nausea and i was told i was constipated. I ahve been doing all types of research to figure out what is wrong with me. I ahve been have these pains for 4 months now. I had an appoinment yesterday with the OB/GYN and now I have to see a GI specialist. I feel your fustration. I am so fustrated now and very worried. i hope you figure out what is wrong. I will post a reply here again after my next appointment and let you know my outcome if any.
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  • the dr found the gallstones in an ultrasound. so i know i had those. i actually still have one in a cup they gave me. lol. they said one was too big and it crushed on the way out and thats why they did the ultrasound on my liver to see if pieces stayed in and caused any abcesses. but nope none!! i had an endoscopy to see into my stomach and they found nothing in there although my stomach was a little red but he said it was normal. and thank you. i will talk to the dr about it. ive been seeing a gi dr and a general surgeon and my reg dr for a long time now and nobody can figure it out. i almost feel like they dont believe me. when i was about 6 they told me i was lactose intolerant cuz my tummy hurt everytime i ate and now i wonder if they were wrong way back then. ive been starving myself for a while now since i associate pain and food with each other and have already lost about 15 pounds in the last week and im small to begin with!! thank u though i will mention those tests asap.
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  • I'm a nurse-aid who has been having the same problem. I had a lap-chole 3 years ago. About a year ago I started having attacks again at night. They're exactly like the attacks I had when I passed gallstones. So excruciating! I've also had the "dumping" ever since the surgery, very annoying. If I avoid high-fat foods that seems to help. But the attacks, I cannot find a trigger. I started researching it and I think it may be: Postcholecystectomy Syndrome - google it. Hope this helps!!
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