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Atrophy in right leg Vastus Lateralis... but why??

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 12, 2009
  • 04:52 PM

I have been concerned about my right leg for almost three years now. A little background information to start: I have benign osteochondromas (bone tumors) in the majority of my joints. I have had these since I was a child, and although they have caused me slight discomfort while doing certain things over the years, I have just lived with them because doctors assured both myself and my parents that they would disappear over time and not cause me any serious harm. These tumors have come and gone over the years, in my knees, shoulders, hip, and elsewhere, but the one that has been causing me the recent trouble is the tumor located on the right side of my pelvic bone. For a mental image, it looks as if there is a golf ball sitting on top of my pelvic bone on the right side that grossly protrudes under my skin.

About three years ago I started feeling numbness in my upper leg. The numbness led to burning and tingling sensations, and finally sharp stabbing pains that I would experience at random moments throughout the days. When these pains first started to bother me I was studying abroad in Australia. I went to a doctor at the University I was attending for some answers, but he wasn't very helpful and I just went about my business but lessened my physical activity because it would become extremely painful to do any kind of impact activities (my favorite, of course).

Since then, I have seen 4 different physicians, gotten an MRI of my hips, my lumbar spine, and my right quadricep. I have also gotten an EMG of my legs and several x-rays of my hips. My most recent doctor diagnosed me with "meralgia parasthetica," something usually caused by the obstruction of one's lateral femoral subcutaneous nerve (the nerve that runs across your lateral pelvis and down the front of your leg. He gave me lyrica and some lidoderm patches to make the pain go away. This is all well and good but it hasn't solved my problem.

My right vastus lateralis has lost the majority of its mass. I am an extremely active 22 year old woman. I work out at least 5 days a week and do exercises that are specific to this muscle, but there has been no change in over a year (about the time when the muscle completely disappeared).

Who can I go to that will actually help me? Is there some kind of specialist out there who actually deals with this kind of issue? I have been going to a physician at the Rothman Institute of Orthopedics in Philadelphia, where I received the diagnosis of meralgia parasthetica. When I told him that my right leg had lost muscle mass, he had me extend each leg while he pushed against them to compare the strength and assured me that it was still strong. Of course it's still strong YOU IDIOT, I work out all the time and there are several other muscles in my leg pushing against you!

Please Help!

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  • Hi,I was just wondering if the right sided hip tumour is putting pressure on your femoral nerve which supplies nerve supply (ie; sensation, muscle activity etc) to your Vastus Lateralis.Look into it as it could very well explain your atrophy symptoms.Kind Regards,London Physio
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