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  • Posted By: amvoyles
  • March 15, 2010
  • 03:05 AM

I've been having trouble in various degrees since December 2006. My husband and I moved to San Antonio in July 2006, over 600 miles away from my family and friends. The closest family was my in-laws, who lived 5 hours away. In December 2006, I was traveling to my in-laws with my husband when I had what he calls a seizure (I have no recollection). I was sick with a sinus infection at the time and was taking Mucinex DM and some OTC diet pills. My stomach was upset on the trip there and I didn't feel well, but I just figured it was the sinus infection. I remember suddenly feeling like I was going to vomit and asking him to pull over, then I remember being slumped in the seat and covered in sweat. I could hear him talking to me but I could not answer for a while. He said my head sort of locked in place, and I jerked for about 30 seconds before passing out. I thought maybe I just needed something to eat, so we went to a sandwich shop. I ate a few pretzels and took a few bites of my sandwich, then I passed out. We went back to my in-laws' house where I continued passing out and threw up. They called the paramedics and the first EKG was abnormal so they went and got the other machine. The second one was okay, but my blood sugar registered at 26. They gave me some sugar something and I felt much better.

I thought that was an isolated incident caused by my sickness, stupidity with OTC diet pills, stress, etc., but I kept feeling light-headed. Some of my other symptoms included dizziness, general confusion (putting milk in the pantry, etc.), weakness, extremely cold extremities, weight loss (I'm usually around 115, but I dropped to 97 without any change) and exhaustion. I ended up in the emergency room twice and then finally admitted to the hospital over the next two months. They checked my A1C, for infectious diseases, gave me a EEG, EKG, CT scan, echocardiogram, had me hooked on a continuous heart monitor, and drew about 5 quarts of blood. Nada. They kept just telling me it was stress, so my husband and I moved back to where my family is within two months.

I tried to get better, I honestly did. As much as it was hard to believe it was all in my mind, I was all for it because that meant I could control it No luck. I continued to feel fatigued constantly and light-headed/dizzy periodically. I saw just about every specialist under the sun and still no answers.

I got pregnant by surprise in early 2008. I didn't ovulate at the time and had just been told by my OB that I would need to pursue fertility treatments when I was ready to conceive. I put all of my energy into my pregnancy. I didn't feel well, but I was able to pass it off as typical pregnancy. After my child was born, I felt great outside of a brief bout with PPD. For nine months, I didn't just feel okay, I felt great. Then in August 2009, I spent the morning using a spa gift certificate. I was feeling very light-headed, but once again I thought maybe I just needed to eat. I meant my husband and family at a restaurant, where I passed out at the table after eating. I was laying on the floor, continually passing out. They carried me out and took me to the hospital where I was admitted for the night. My BP was very low and my heart rate high, but the only thing they found was that my potassium was slightly low. It took several doses of potassium to get me to normal. Since that hospitalization it has gradually gotten worse, to the point where I cannot drive other than very locally and not on highways. I've passed out a few times and I don't know what else to do. Please help!

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