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Arm and Facial Paresthesia

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 28, 2007
  • 01:38 AM


I'm a 30yo male and have some funny symptoms. I'm wondering if anyone would like to take a stab at what they think it might be or who I should go and see.

I work on computers all day and periodically my right gets a small case of Paresthesia. The interesting thing is that the bottom half of my forearm arm, the side of my small finger, gets quite cold. This has been on and off for some years now and I've never been particularly worried about it.

More recently though, like the last 2 years, I have had had possibly 4 funny episodes at night. Again my right arm will go numb, which happens probably once a month. But on these other 4 occasions once I get some feeling back in my arm the Paresthesia seems to spread up my neck and to my face, starting with the tip of my tounge and lips and spreading out into my cheeks. Like my arm, my neck seemed cold to touch. One night I also seemed to get tunnel vision. Last night it also extended down my left shoulder and upper back and also seems to be lingering some time longer than normal.

When it was confined to my arm I assumed that it was just a normal "dead arm" and I was resting on a nerve. But with it moving into my face it got me worried that it might in fact be circulatory, i.e. a small stroke. Having read on here it sounds like a Migraine without a headache might have the same symptoms.

Any suggestions?


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  • A good neuroendocrinologist doing a full diagnostic workup.
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  • trigeminal neuralgia?mercury poisoning?
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  • rad I assume that post is directed to the original poster as possible causes, and seemed sort of unlcear in absence of context.
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  • Dear Paul,Trigeminal neuralgia (TMJ)mercury poisioning parasthesia/arm/neck/face/cheekscold fingertunnel vision search for info on chronic fatigue syndrome...even if you are not tired all the time. You are not alone. There are many in this forum with symptoms. Many are being diagnosed daily world wide as both doctors and patients are finding this is a real disease. Find someone who does Bioset or NAET. It works. It's amazing. It's the only thing that's helped me other than dosing myself with pain pills and killing my liver just to function daily.I wish you the best...mommy cat
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  • Randomness, I looked up tongue numbness, and mercury poisoning was suggested.Facial pain might be trigeminal neuralgia. The original poster wanted "any suggestions". I try to be brief and to encourage posters to look up their symptoms. rad
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  • lol rad we could start an internet consulting practice for rare neurological ailements. I'm game. All we need is an actual M.D.....
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  • Every so often I think real docs check in. Of course they'd be "unregistered" for fear of lawsuits. Docs, if you are reading this, thanks for your time.
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