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Appendicitis malpractice

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  • Posted By: DH1987
  • May 17, 2009
  • 09:41 AM

I need serious help and will appreciate any advice. A 21 yr old male had a appendicitis removal almost a year ago and ever since then his health has been deteriorating. He hasn't had a normal bowel movement in almost a year, always has watery and some times gelly like stool. His rectal,anus,stomach and where his appendix operation was done hurts severely almost all the time and he's constipated a lot. He has trouble going to the bathroom and has to stay on insoluble fiber but even that doesn't help him much. His heart rate drops, he has fainted many times and he reacts pretty slow to things! On the hospital paper work it appears as if it had been a normal appendix removal procedure but in less than a month after his surgery he had to go to the emergency room because he felt very ill. They did xrays and found a cut in his intestine! were thinking the surgeon cut him while surgery and didn't write that down on the paper work. Do you think he contracted an infection? and if so what should I tell his doctor to test him for? He has had fever up to 102! and it seems as if his body is trying to fight something because he was an athletic healthy young man. He had an endoscopy and colonoscopy done and everything appeared normal. I think they had checked for cancer. I forgot to mention that he pukes blood sometimes and has rectal bleeding!!
The doctors seem to be taking it slow with him and he doesn't have any time to wait. They don't know what he could have!!!!:mad::confused:He has private insurance now but didn't at the time of his surgical procedure, any advice would be great!
thanks :(

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  • It sounds bad from your description, but he'll be fine. Tough it out, the docs will fix him. Its not life threatening, so the docs are treating it as such. He probably does have an infection, and instead of guessing the medication or testing for everything they are progressing down the path.
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  • All this began AFTER surgery? I am not a doctor, but sounds that there is something REALLY wrong. Maybe there's a small tear or leak where the intestine was damaged?Research : ruptured appendix, sounds like the symptoms could be the same. Don't just wait around, be active, reading everyone's stories is enough of a hint that there's alot of guessing and we'll wait and see attitude going on from the doctors. We must be active participants. I wish you the best of luck & health !!
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  • I am 25 and had my appendix out when i was 21 also, since then i also barely have a normal stool i can go from diarrhea to constipated to having jelly things floating in my stool. I also was rushed to the hospital shortly after because i thought i might have torn my intestine back open because i did not get rest like i was suppose and felt like i was gonna pass out and had pain in that area. I am not sure if these symptoms are common with everyone that has the procedure but to this day i still have pain and abnormal stools.How did they find out he had a cut in his intestine from a cat scan? im sure that would heal or even if the doctor did cut it he would stitch it because if not he would become septic i would think and have a high fever constantly.Rectal bleeding can be anything from hemroids to any even wiping alot if he goes to the bathroom constantly from the diarrhea. But if he is throwing up blood that could mean a couple different things from ulcers to upper g.i. problems. But since he has had the colonoscopy wouldn't they check the upper g.i.? So that would have me thinking its in the stomach like an ulcer maybe from taking pills with no food in his stomach. I had one recently from taken naproxen without any food in my stomach and starting throwing up blood. Sounds like the 2 main things you need to get checked is his throwing up blood and the rectal bleeding depending on the seriousness of it. One last thought is to have a stool sample checked for c diff. That can cause nasty stools if he was on any antibiotic for a while.
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  • This is definitely a complication (bad result) of having the appendix out. http://www.mdguidelines.com/appendectomy/complications This is very serious and you should get a second opinion from another surgeon! This person may have developed sepsis, which is a very, very serious infection. :( If you have proof (the ED report) that the intestine was cut, you should also check with the state bar association in your area if you're in the U.S. You need a good lawyer.
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