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'World Renowned' Doc says 'Beats me..' Eye fluid, swelling, blurry vision 1 eye

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  • Posted By: jaybird
  • February 17, 2008
  • 07:54 PM

Hi all, I hope someone has some insight to this.

3 years ago I woke up and couldn't rub the sleepiness blur out of my eye. Turns out there was something wrong. I had a very small "blurry donut" in my central vision (in my left eye). Everything was crystal clear in my central vision, except for that area around it. As a matter of fact, I went to the D.O. and tested 20/25, the same BEFORE this problem.

Today it's more like 1-eye myopia.

The optometrist went nuts and called the specialists saying 'Retinal detachment! Get him in now! He's dialated!' I started freaking out and he said he was just pushing their buttons that I won't have that problem but I needed to get in ASAP.

The doctor I saw took some tests and sent me away saying I had cat scratch fever.

A year later I went to another Doc known to be in the top 5% of his profession in retinal specializing. He said cat scratch was a b.s. diagnosis BUT he didn't know what was going on. There was a small amount of fluid in my eye. Steroid drops sent the swelling and eye pressure up.

He decided to milk me for a specialist visit every few weeks and 'keep an eye on it'. I was ok with this at the time when I was making good money and his decision was 'least intrusive = best'.

He did say he could laser it up but that there would be a small blind spot.

Eventually, I developed some small 'floating threads', like half a dozen small shadows that I can only see in bright light, like looking up at the sky or a flourescent light.

This is just in one eye. My right eye is still perfect, but at this point if something happened I'd be useless.


I read doctor young's alkaline diet book and gave up my many cokes a day for water, in fact bought a water alkalizer. In 2 weeks time my eye cleared up A LOT (not completely).

In the last year I have gone back and forth, drink whatever I want until it bothers me, then drink water for 3-5 days and it clears up a bunch.

But this time it hasn't cleared up.

Hope someone has some insight. I'm about to get insurance again (been laid off 3 times this year) and I'm going to see a doctor about laser treatment.

But mostly, I want to know why this is happening and what I can do naturally to cure it.

I'm 27 with no known health issues... there is some diabetes in my family, but I just tested myself after a 12 hour fast and should be between 100-125 for a diabetic condition. I was 63. I'm doing a rough home glucose test with 80 grams of Mountain Dew sugar right now to get an idea of my glucose tolerance. I tested 79, supposed to be under 200. Seems low, but I didn't just down a glucose shot, I drank a bunch of Dew over 10 minutes. Still, that counts for something. Not doing the 2 hour test, I think I'm ok in that area.

This pic is what it started out as. Now it's worse (less central clarity, more distortion of objects from swelling)

Many thanks in advance,


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  • My pupils are perpetually tiny, and I test positive for several bugs through IGeneX. I know there's no way in ***l I'm getting you to agree, but this is worth reading:http://www.ctlymedisease.org/pdf/Unproved%20Lyme%20Disease%20Tests%20Prompt%20Warnings.pdf"Now the New York State Department of Health has opened an investigation of the California laboratory, IGeneX Inc., that issued Mr. Courcier's positive result, after receiving eight complaints from doctors and patients who said its Lyme tests also gave them positive results not confirmed by other labs' results""They noted, for instance, that some laboratories performed a test called polymerase chainreaction "on inappropriate specimens such as blood and urine." IGeneX offers such tests on both blood and urine. The alert also warned against methods of interpreting Western blots "that have not been validated and published in peer-reviewed scientific literature." "Nationally, reported cases of Lyme disease have more than doubled in a decade, to at least 23,963 in 2003 (the most recent year for which statistics are available) from fewer than 9,000 in 1993. Infectious disease experts agree that infections have been on the rise, but they worry that part the increase may be due to overdiagnosis.""A misdiagnosis can have serious consequences. In some cases, Dr. Mead said, Lou Gehrig's disease was misdiagnosed as Lyme by unproved tests. The patients in those cases, he said, wasted thousands of dollars on ineffective treatment."It also talks about a man who was misdiagnosed with Lyme through IGeneX (tested positive but wasn't) and was placed on antibiotics for no good reason.
    Tranquillity 34 Replies
    • February 18, 2008
    • 09:08 PM
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  • Did they look at histoplasmosis?
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • February 25, 2008
    • 03:16 AM
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  • Ok - I've had something like this as well-started with an itchy eyelid - I'd been petting a cat on the way to the car (ex streetcat-unwell, had been bitten by a tick - Brisbane Australia) had also been working in infectious disease wards and swimming inpublic pool with insufficient chemicals). Drove away inadvertantly rubbed eyelid with back of hand - oops hadn't washed hands! went home, washed well, flushed eyes with tapwater. It began with excess mucus, drops caused it to start tracking down across my skin - tiny tranparent fluid filled itchy vesicles - my boyfriend got it, tracking across his forehead - then the itchy sinuses and back of throat began. Doctors told me a) allergy b) lupus (my only allergy is to dust mite). Nizoral removed the symptoms - betadine drops and prolonged exposure to ocean water were curative on my skin, but not to my system. I get pain upper and lower sphincters of stomach, itchy eyes - the symptoms come and go, worse at night. I had a borderline rickettsia result - negative after the doxcycline, and a positive result for strongyloides (blood test +ve, stool test negative), the ivermectin had some effect but hasn't cured me. I saw it once, a transparent worm 1/3 of my field of vision. The doctor is trying to tell me it's cured, and give me risperidal. The only reason I can think that might help, is it causes dehydration, and strongyloides doesn't survive dry. I'm not cured. Ivermectin doses i think are too low..good luck!
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