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Anyone have a clue- choking sensations~ I hope~I hope

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 16, 2008
  • 06:15 PM

Quick background..... I had a baby in November (almost 4 mo. old now). Breastfeeding- I went back to work immediately- and WOW that was stupid and stressful. Since then I was really sick there for a while and it was a bunch of different things, one right after the other... First just different viruses that were going around... my throat, chest, coughing, high fever, which led to losing my voice..... probably were viruses but I felt like crap so my hubby (medic) gave me a shot of some med in the penicillin family and I took a couple of doses of Augmentin (sp?)

(a few days after taking meds- never had a problem with penicillin- never been allergic to ANYTHING) As this was finally starting to clear up I woke up one afternoon with hives on my lower back left arm and it spread fast to arms, legs, and face (took benedryl would clear up and then here it came again) It got worse and worse- my tongue and lips were slightly inflamed and I was experiencing this choking/tingling sensation in my gums and throat off and on (which obviously freaked me out- cuz i'm thinking at any moment i'm going to go into anipholactic (sp?) shock and have no clue what I was allergic to. (or it very well could have been a part of that virus- because it cleared up within the week). Oh I convinced myself it was the copper IUD and had it removed. Probably wasn't considering I had it a month before all of this happened.

Here is the problem i'm having now..... I feel like I have something stuck in my throat. It gives me a choking/gagging sensation. My chest feels kinda tight- and like its hard to breath. I know i'm getting pleny of oxygen. Obviously with all of this accumulating, along with a new born baby, a Kindergartner, full time job, and hubby who works crazy hours my stress level is a little higher than normal and this is causing some anxiety along with everything else.

So far.... i've just kinda chilled out- obviously there are stressors that I am just going to let whatever be right now and be sure to exercise, eat right, get plenty of sleep, plenty of water etc., I quit breastfeeding =( so I could take something just incase some of this is due to anxiety whatever due to postpartum or something.

The thing is whatever is going on with this choking feeling, chest thing is definitely more than just anxiety.... I admit that it definitey causes me to fear the worst when its really acting up- but any thought would be greatly appreciated!!!! Sorry so long!!!

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  • Wow. That was kind of scary--taking the antibiotic--you needed to have gone into ER for that reaction girl. Well, I think it could be your thyroid--a goiter, actually. It will leave you with a choking sensation and can happen after having a baby. You need to get it checked because if you are still breatfeeding, a low thyroid contributes to "failure to thrive" in breast fed babies. Now, I hope you have learned your lesson--if you're that sick that you need to take your husband's meds, you need to be seen by a doctor. I also want you to get a mammogram and make sure you do not have anything there. Any chance you can take a "Family Medical Leave" with your job and take off another six months or so to take care of yourself and the baby?
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  • I am new and this is my first post but just wanted to throw something at you. Have you thought of a possible thyroid disease? problems with choking. check out info on thyroid disease and goiters there is a self test you can do while looking in a mirror and drinking water to check your thyroid. I know it sounds nuts but check it out. I have graves disease and had to have my entire thyroid taken out due to massive goiter that started out very small (choking etc...) also you just had a baby that can trigger thyroid disease especially if it's in your family. just check it out there are of course many other symptoms with thyroid disease (hence fybro that's why I am here) but the choking thing is well just get it checked ok
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  • Given that you had hives and the choking feeling in your throat I would go see an allergist. ASAP! What you describe can be very serious!
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  • I wanted to thank everyone so far for their replies- I appreciate it so much!!!! I don't seem to be having hives anymore and sincerely doubt that my problem is allergy related. I haven't had those symptoms for over a month now- the only lingering problem is this feeling like something is stuck in my throat or that its closing (which I know i'm getting enough air- so more than likely its just an uncomfortable inconveniance).I did get my thyroid levels check and all the numbers were perfect. The doctor also felt around and said he felt no goiters or nodules??? I've heard that they can grow on the inside- but from what I understand that is in VERY serious incidents when they originally started from the outside then continued to grow in......With that said.... any more clues.... a few ppl mentioned acid reflux... but its not heart burn- its a choking feeling and tightness in chest- its intermitten not all of the time- thank God. It would probably help if i'd quit anticipating its return and just go on with life.
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  • Normal blood work doesn't mean anything. Mine is normal and I still have a goiter and needed to go on thyroid meds. Although normal, it was low-normal and they like to see it in the higher normal range. See what an endocrinologist says; I still think it's thyroid.
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  • one thing came to mind with this...were you gestational diabetic while pregnant? This is one of the more obscure symptoms for diabetes. my son complained of it constantly...just what your saying, like he can't swallow...feels like something big is in his throat. Just thought i would mention it!! Cami:D
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  • That is a huge possibility, and your right about that too. I had a problem for 6 months, my hair fell out, my skin was so dry i was flaking everywhere. and i gained 100lb's. my hubby had cancer and they told me it was just stress. you need to buy a basal themomoter. take it before you get out of bed. also be fasting when you get the blood work done, they say it doesn't matter but that is when it comfirmed it for me. ;)hug's and good luck!! Cami Normal blood work doesn't mean anything. Mine is normal and I still have a goiter and needed to go on thyroid meds. Although normal, it was low-normal and they like to see it in the higher normal range. See what an endocrinologist says; I still think it's thyroid.
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