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  • Posted By: LeslieL
  • May 11, 2007
  • 10:07 PM

I am a 37 year old female. My past history includes in order: chronic sinus infections as a child and teenager with no allergies found. At 19 years old, left breast fibroadenoma removal with no malignancy. "Extra click" noted on heart exam and was treated with beta blockers. At 22 years old, severe chronic fatigue with no prior known viruses that could have caused it followed by severe muscle tightness and trigger points (which later was diagnosed as Fibromyalgia), low IgG and IgA (immunoglobulin deficiency treated with human immunoglobulin i.v. for approximately one year, followed by high liver enzymes that wax and wane for about ten years. Tested but No hepatitis or HIV found. At the age of 25, I was hospitalized with gastritis, pancreatitis, gall bladder sludge (gallbladder Not removed) colitis with bleeding diarrhea. No history of alcohol, drugs, or smoking. No reason for diagnoses found. I got better on my own after months of eating a bland diet and symptoms disappeared. Between the ages of 21 and 28 I had four occurrances of C. Difficile Toxin diagnosed after antibiotic usage which resulted in the last episode at 28 years old, with hospitalization and severe bloody diarrhea. I almost died but after months of treatment with Vancomycin, my body finally responded and the C. Diff was irradicated. Also at age, 28 was hospitalized with bladder infection that spread to kidneys and treated. At 31 was hospitalized for mitral and tricuspid heart regurgitation and put on a different beta blocker. Over the years, the chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia has gotten steadily worse resulting in chronic dystonia and spasticity especially in the neck and back. A sleep study yielded PLMD (Periodic Limb Movement Disorder). Lots of trouble with memory and cognition. Testing last year with a neuropsychiatrist has shown a diagnosis of mild cognitive dysfunction which really can't be accounted for. A recent find of a herniated disk impinging on spinal cord at C4-5 with no known injury. Kyphosis, spondylosis and mild disk herniations throughout my entire spine. Recent headaches and right eye pain. Brain MRI showed a cavernous angioma 6mm of the head of the right caudate nucleus that has bled and calcified. A Neurologist and a second opinion said this recent finding would not account for any headaches or other symptoms I'm having presently. (This alone seems strange to me. Something in your brain bleeds but according to the doctors you should have NO symptoms). Recent NEW symptoms include: severely dried lips that crack and bleed, petichiae on inner forearms, facial cheeks itching, numbness, tingling, and pin pricking sensations in hands and feet with burning on soles of feet and toes. Last week, my legs felt so weak that they went out from under me and I fell on the floor and needed someone to lift me up cause I couldn't stand or walk. This was directly followed by tremors. Sensitive teeth with occasional sharp pains in teeth like dentist hit a nerve (no cavities or mouth decay only two front caps and root canals when I was 8 years old) Aching in joints, right flank pain, urinary retention,constipation, severe dry eyes (can't wear contacts since about a year and a half ago), question of right sinus retention cyst or thickening of mucosal lining (doctors can't decide which) multinodular goiter WITHOUT thyroid hormone levels affected. (normal thyroid hormone levels) tremors that wax and wane, muscle cramping, night sweats through the sheets, blue dilated vein patterns in arms and chest that look like a road map and are sensitive to the touch, right outer labia swollen with a hardened center with no head. That swelling completely disappeared and then I developed a swelling and tender point in my left armpit. Feels like my ribs in my back have been glued together. Very stiff and tight. Recently tested for Lupus and Sjogren's Syndrom with a negative result. All lab work yields normal results. Recent brain MRI rules out MS according to Neurologist since I had no plaques. I will be going for an EMG and Nerve Conduction Test at the end of the month. I have been through a cystoscopy showing minor bladder irritation. A Urodynamics test (where they check flow of urine) caused severe spasm and had to be catheterized in order to urinate after test but Urologist says this is all "normal". As far as GYN, no STD's ( I am not sexually active ) no children or previous pregnancies, prior ovarian cysts which dissolved over time. Normal periods. Last year a high prolactin level with no known cause. The only thing I can narrow this all down to is maybe neurological or autoimmune????? :confused: Of course, the doctors say it can't be anything serious since I "look fine" no matter how I feel and I'm "too young to have anything serious going on". LOL I don't care how fine I look but common knowledge tells me these symptoms are not normal for a 37 year old woman.
Any input would be so very appreciated. Thank you and God bless. :)

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  • Dear Leslie...If you haven't done so already...please visit www.ahummingbirdsguide.com there you will find much info on your sx...look where I've posted...you will find several with similar symptoms...all just a coincidence??????????? Good Luck...mommy cat
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