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  • Posted By: Mlsskn
  • March 4, 2011
  • 08:32 PM

I have been having problems with headaches/migraines/transient ischemia attacks and also have chronic knee, feet, hip, lower back and neck pain, stiffness, cracking. Chronic fatigue.
I'm going to list every problem I've had even though they may not be related incase someone sees a connection along with some family med. history. Most of this won't be relevant but you never know.
To start I'm a 38 yr old female, mother of three. Irish, French Canadian ancestry. Smoker. I eat a well balanced diet. I do not exercise regularly but I was very active until the last few years. I am currently 5'7 and weigh 197lbs.
I live in New England, USA.
Prior to 18yrs old my only problems were allergies and leg pains that woke me crying from sleep many times per week. Was told it was growing pains, no tests of any kind were done. These lasted well into my teen years.

At 19yr old I moved to Germany and lived there for two years.
I became pregnant with my first child at 20. Violently ill the entire time I was pregnant. Vomiting bile all day and night, everyday. could not keep down any food. Doctors did nothing. Once I had the baby I was fine and so was he.
21yrs old returned to U.S., had second baby with no problems at all except I only gained 10lbs.

Starting in early 20's I see small white lights floating in both eyes, lasts for 1-2 minutes each time happens 2-3 times per month. Start getting watery eyes every time I am outside in sunlight. I also start getting red bumpy itchy rash on sun exposed skin. If i scratch it it spreads. I believe it is polymorphous light eruption. Around this same time I get a rash under breasts, on chest and up neck. Told it's fungal infection and was given cream. It goes away for week or so and then comes back. I still have all of these problems currently.
At about 25yrs old I had a sudden weight loss of 30lbs in one month. Soon after my knees starting cracking/popping and began to get achy. When bent there is a soft egg shaped bump that sticks out of the outer front of my knee. I was told this is common in women, it was a weight issue and to strengthen
My leg muscles. At the time I was 120lbs. Excerise did not help and this problem persisted. I went back to doctor and they told me it was
chrondomalaysia patella....they made this dianosis without any tests whatsoever. Told me there was nothing I could do about it. I still have this problem today.
During this same time I got a growth in my nostril, a rhino cutaneous horn. These are not common in places that are not exposed to sunlight like in the
nostril. I had it removed and it was benign.
Also around this time I had severe pain in my right ovary area that came on during and after sex. This happened 3 times. I went to ER all three times and was given an ultra sound but they saw nothing except for the last time they said there was a small amount of fluid and that I probably had ruptured a cyst.
In 2008 I was pregnant with my 3rd child. At about 6 months I had what they think was a transient ischemic attack. My vision was dark around the edges, I was dizzy. Then my chin, lips and cheek went numb followed by severe headache. At 7 months pregnant my white cell count was very elevated so I went to an oncologist hematologist but they did not know why it was elevated. After I had the baby the white count went back to normal range.
During the pregnancy my knee problems went away.
Within a week after having the baby my knee problems returned along with chronic hip pain, foot pain and lower back pain. I had gained a lot of weight with this baby and was 195lbs. Doctor says now that all of my pain is from weight. I notice at this doctors vistit that my height was an inch shorter than previously.
2010 I have what I think is another transient ischemic attack, same symptoms as before. Doctor says it's probably just a migraine and gives me sumatriptan. The following week I get the attacks again everyday for one week straight, sumatriptan does not help. Next week I was fine but then the following week I get the attacks again everyday for a week straight. When they stopped I had a regular headache everyday non stop. I start feeling pressure behind my eyes and in the back of my neck that does not go away.
Today - I continue to have the 24/7 headache and pain behind the eyes. My neck is stiff and achy. My lower back, hips, knees and feet all continue to be stiff and achy and cracking. I have also lost another inch in height. Occasional blurry vision. On top of this now I have had chronic fatigue for at least 5 months straight, all day everyday, sleeping does not help. I eat good and am taking multivitamins, fish oil and flax seed oil. Im as active as I can be chasing a two year old around all day. I just feel like this is more than a weight issue or a regular migraine issue and its not a depression issue. I do not feel right at all and am tired of them telling me it's all normal.
CBC was fine, rheumatoid was negative, vitamin d was fine, MRI was fine.
Three others in my family have TIA's. One family member has MS. One has Ankylosing spondylitis. A bunch have degenerative disc disease in their 20s. Factor V is also common in my family and a lot of family members have clotting problems. A few have osteoarthritis. my younger sister died of breast cancer at 32. Other relatives had breast cancer as well. Grandmother died of cervical cancer. Grandfather had stomach cancer.

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