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  • Posted By: lavender88
  • December 9, 2010
  • 01:20 AM

Between 2006-2007 I had around three stomach bugs a few months apart causing vomiting and it took me a several weeks to recover from them and regain my appetite. I had almost recovered from the last one when I woke up one day and found I had absolutely no appetite. I began eating very small amounts of food, and found I was never hungry. I then started noticing bloating, abdominal pain (that was sometimes so severe I had trouble walking), strange tastes and sensations in my mouth and reflux. I lost heaps of weight and was underweight for about two years. Last year I made a conscious to try and gain weight, achieved pretty much by force feeding myself, and I'm now at a healthy weight. I thought the symptoms might improve with the weight gain and some have, but some remain the same or have gotten worse.

Another major symptom I have had is excessive thirst, I have to carry a bottle of water with me at all times otherwise my throat dries out and I get a headache. I notice when I wake up in the morning I feel awful with a really dry, sometimes itchy throat, and I have to drink heaps of water before I start to feel a bit better. This also happens if I lie down during the day, putting me off food for the rest of the day. Doctors thought this thirst might be a result of diabetes, but I've already been tested for that, as well as the rare type affecting the pituitary gland. I also experience fatigue some days. I have noticed my joints cracking a lot, and I find they get easily strained. My muscles cramp easily when doing certain exercises that I never had trouble with before. A doctor found I had low calcium levels so he started me on some calcium pills, and I'm also taking joint supplements. These help a bit, but they don't address the cause.

Since becoming ill I have been constipated, which I have since become better at trying to manage. I also have a lot more flatulence, which was never a problem before. I have noticed sensitivities to wheat, dairy, soy, spicy foods and fruits like watermelon, cucumber and peppers. I also have a severe reaction to coffee, I avoid tea, and I can't tolerate any alcohol, which is sad :(..... I have been avoiding wheat for a while, but am now trying to cut all of the foods I know to be problematic out of my diet.

I started seeing doctors about this health problem in 2007. Since then I have had a colonoscopy, where they found mild inflammation, but didn't think there was anything they could do. I also had a CT scan and an ultrasound, but nothing showed. I had a gastroscopy where they found small ulcers in my stomach and they were treated. I have had numerous blood tests, but these were all done in New Zealand where they don't have certain tests available.

I have been unwell for 3 years and it has made life really difficult. It has held me back, especially socially, and I often feel depressed because of it. I'm trying to cope with the symptoms, or just ignore them, but I would still like to get to the root of the problem. I know I'm a bit of a difficult case but I would really appreciate any ideas or suggestions you might have. Thank you.

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