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Any ideas MS+ arthralgia/insomnia/psychosis

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • May 2, 2007
  • 11:18 AM

Normal healthy college student 2 year degree with honors...headed on for the 4 year degree....suddenly:

parathesias (MS)

MRI: lesions consistent with MS
schedule 6 months out for Neuro visit

Fatigue (MS)
Optic Neuritis (MS)
Fever (MS)
Rash (???)
Creepy Crawlies (delusional parisitosis? MS nerve firings? Or?)

ER Visit: get emergency Neuro Appt
Spinal Tap: IgG bands consistent with MS (no dx till 2nd attack)
ER Visit: Patch for spinal tap OUCH!

weakness (MS)
L'hermettes (MS)
tremor (MS)
cognative troubles (MS)
Adult ADHD dx. (MS??)
Creepy Crawlies (delusional parisitosis? MS nerve firings? Or?)

Neuro visit 1 year later: MRI & definite MS Dx

heat sensitivity (MS)
low blood pressure (??)
hypoglycemia (??)
abnormal pap smear
abnormal pap smear
abnormal pap smear
cervical cancer removed (no HPV)
normal pap

Neuro visit 1 year later:
rash +creepy crawlies (always in spring, dx: delusional parisitosis)
parasite tests (all neg.)

Dermatologist months to get appt when no symptoms
tells come back when I have symptoms
embarassed and don't go back

severe moving joint pains
sent to ER in case MS relapse ER neuro says no prescribes lortab & valium
sent to Rheumatologist ANA rate normal no swelling just pain
says come back if swelling occurs

OCD dx
continuing joint pain
lortab as needed (makes me sick and gives me hives)

right knee dislocates pain so severe I literally black out go to ER
x-rays normal
no swelling
higher dose of lortab (ugh)

1 year later spring
moving joint pain
insomnia worse (ambien, trazadone, lorazepam, rogerin (sp?) none help)
Past Month:
1) insomnia for 4-5 days (past week)
2) psychotic episode definite hallucinations, heard voices, lost short term memory entirely...not absent minded, not "forgetful"...could not retain thoughts period...in fact I scared to death a friend who called out of the blue, he was so worried he got an emergency visa and hopped a plane from Saudi Arabia to get here within 24 hours and "nurse" me (his dx of 'evil eye' placed on me by either Palestinian Arabs (peace activists) because I stayed in their home and ate at their table or was the result of "Iranian black magic" was somehow less than satisfying, but his concern was appreciated) besides I can now brag I (a "mere" female student on medicare disability) had a prince cook for me, clean my house and even go with me to church for the Sunday service....
3) finally sleep mental status imediately returns to normal
4) depth perception off
5) creepy crawlies
6) rash one arm
7) Other knee sudden pain while walking look down it looks normal...blackout

ER says probably kneecap dislocated...no swelling...no x-rays
more oxycodone prescribed as needed

8) diarhea...lose bowel control repeatedly (MS?)
9) Knee gets hot and swells (not the knee the pain was in??? the knee that first dislocated)
10) insomnia days and days start to hallucinate again go to dr (yesterday)
11) random joints ache some swell some don't
12) occassional balance troubles (MS)

prescribed Klonopin for insomnia/anxiety/spasticity (it apparently doesn't work either as it is now 4am and I haven't slept in 4 days (at ALL)...am tired, not manic not sleepy...starting to hallucinate again...parasitosis as usual, (I'm terrified of parasites)
oxycodone for pain
phenegran for nausea from oxycodone
rash on right arm (looks like contact dermatitis but nothing different sometimes itches other times seems to be getting better...but keeps spreading up and down arm)
occassional tics and tremors
occassional nystagmus
occassional confusion
occassional short term memory loss

Current meds:
Wellbutrin for depression
Adderall (yes I tried stopping both bc of the insomnia...started 10 million projects...in bizarre fashion...suddenly oil painting...woodworking...started business selling things on ebay...gardening...major cooking projects...reading...researching various things...cleaning-organizing-bleaching whole house etc etc etc all resolved when both meds restarted...often don't full dose though...fear of addiction, seizures, contributing to insomnia)
Oxycodone as needed for pain (don't take often afraid of addiction)
Phenegran as needed for nausea (take with Oxycodone)
Clonazepam as needed (started today instead of Lorazepam which was instead of Valium)

Tried and failed:
Lortab (major nausea, little pain relief)
Gabapentin (amnesia, confusion, hallucinations visual)
Copaxone (hives)
Rebif (exhaustion, flu symptoms, DEPRESSION)
Marijuana (shhhh...it didn't work anyhow)
and a million others (legal)

Tested for:
Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever,
West Nile Virus,
CBC normal,
EKG normal,
Lyme normal (but know I've been exposed everyone else developed the bullseye rash though I didn't)

Of Interest:
2 cats died 4-5 years ago of rare autoimmune demyelinating diseases (FIP FeLuk)
1 dog died 3 years ago of rare autoimmune demelinating disorder developed at the same time with same symptoms of my MS (parasthesias..later megaesophagus)
1 Parrot 20 years old died suddenly inexplicably last month showed neuro symptoms (she should have lived 50-60 more years)
current parrot 7 years old seems healthy
current dog 6 years old has autoimmune issues but no apparent neuro problems
This has been in different houses in different states....

I have also traveled extensively through North America/Middle East
Spent lots of time outdoors
Was vaccinated for Hep B

It's now 5am apparently 1mg of clonazepam does nothing (I gave it 4 hours) will try 2mgs more...and call my neuro in 3 hours when the office opens

do you think maybe a lesion on the thalamus could do this? And maybe the rash is psychosomatic? Or am I just losing my mind????

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  • you are not losing your mind...You can google symptoms of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis How old are you? where do you live? when did symptoms start? appears to be flare ups? periods with little or no symptoms?? Be Well...mommy cat
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