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any ideas anyone please

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  • Posted By: raymae
  • April 27, 2007
  • 09:20 PM

last year i had various problems with sternum,rib,and right shoulder pain and was also re -diagnosed with asthma after having problems with a morning cough for few months. (this has since stopped since taking asthma medication)
i still get on and off right shoulder discomfort from time to time , this year i have been hit with a load of new problems...
i have a lot of small pimples on my tongue at the back which is also coated with a white/yellow substance.
pimples on the roof of my mouth which start of tiny some flare up then go back to being tiny some seem to disapear altogether (sometimes i get a whitish substance up there but not often)
i have a pimple on the middle of my uvelo (wiggly bit at back)
and one deeper red and bigger spot on the far back of my throat on left side, right side looks a little lumpy also.
i had an episode for a week or so a couple of months back were swallowing was uncomfortable on left side only then moved to centre then moved to just right side. this went away but has been playing me up again for past couple of days, this time ive also got a fullness/itchy feeling in my right ear and sometimes a popping feeling and tenderness under jaw when pushed (my left ear also has this feeling but not often) not painful but iritating. when i swallow at the moment sometimes i get a little sore feeling just to side of adams apple area. i often get a raw kind of feeling at back of throat which disapears straight away if i take a drink or eat something.
i find im waking in night to find my teeth quite clenched together and my back teeth seem to have become sensitive to hot and cold.
i see gp couple of times first one gave me nystin which seem to almost clear pimples from tongue and roof of mouth until course finished and second doctor did swab and it came back negative for oral thrush. he said by the look of my mouth it does not resemble any oral cancers and due to it being so widespread he feels its a virus, im am most concerned as i dont know what type of virus it could be and if it is a virus then surely it needs help clearing up if its not appearing to do so itself.
has anyone had any of these type of symptoms themself or heard of any mouth infections/viruses that are obviously long term that are same or similar to this? love to hear from you

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  • www.ahummingbirdsguide.com go to L side of home page to symptoms page, click...at bottom of first paragraph, click on link for summary of symptoms...all of yours are there...trust me...good luck...mommy cat
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  • thank you i will take a look at that site.something else has happened today, i have this weird feeling in my right side towards the back just under breast level. it feels like an occassional vibration lasts just a few seconds at a time and is not painful.any ideas what this is?
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  • muscle twitches, spasms, weakness, pain it's all part of ME I believe this to be of epidemic proportions...be sure to look at symptoms to L on home page end of last paragraph has a link for summary of symptoms...see how many you have
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  • This guy calls himself a doctor? He should have run tests already. Deficiencies, bacteria in the blood etc. Or just forget him - try Reiki and NAET. Visit www.naet.com to locate a therapist in your area. A traditional Chinese therapist is another great idea, see www.acufinder.com to locate one. Or a homeopath. Best of all, a GP who is ALSO one of the above.
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