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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • October 26, 2009
  • 07:22 AM

I'm a 23 year old female, was misdiagnosed as having depression for 2 years. I've had to drop down to a part-time student at university. April 2009, my new doctor realized I actually have something medical going on, but has not been able to dx it yet.
I've seen a rheumatologist, cardiologist, gyne, GI doctors, seeing a vasculitis clinic november 25.

Extreme fatigue/lack of energy (my mood is fine, especially now being OFF the antidepressants!! I'm just upset that I feel sick!)
weight gain from antidepressants/increasing inactivity due to pain
sore muscles in hands/feet/upper back legs (muscles sometimes hurt to touch)
dx'd with asthma August 2009 (increasing episodes of SOB for past 2 years)
"Dx'd" with persistent unexplained tachycardia (rapid heart rate over 100 bpm) in July 2009
sore, sometimes pinkish/mildly swollen joints (hands/feet), also knee pain/shoulder pain
neck cracking/pain/lack of curvature
mild edema in hands and feet
random episodes of red irritated eye(s) and dry nose/mouth
random episodes of "boiling water sound" in ears
beau's lines on toenails and transient bluish discolouration of toes/feet
episodes of renal-sterile blood and protein in urine (no bacteria)
episodic chest pain, left side above breast
episodic flank pain/abdomenal pain left side
Dx'd w/ stage 2 endometriosis March 2008, which is not causing these problems (I no longer have a period due to taking continuous bcp)
1-24hr episode of passing bright red blood from rectum (no stool, hospital thought infection, but did no tests).
1 episode of high fever, unexplained, requiring hospitalization

Elevated CRP (has been as high as 65)
Elevated sed rate (approximately 37)
Elevated platelets (approximately 478)
Mildly elevated serum cortisol, but 24-hr urine cortisol is normal
Iron-deficiency anemia, low vitamin b12 (even though I was never anemic with my heavy periods before the dx of endo)
Normal Hemoglobin/WBC/RBC
Negative RF, ANA
Anti-dna test was negative
Colonoscopy negative for crohns disease
normal CT of head/chest/abdomen
normal abdomenal ultrasound
normal ecg/echo of heart
normal stress test
PFT revealed asthma in August 2009
TSH is normal, antibodies for hyper/hypothyroidism checked and normal
Lyme test was "normal" but this can't necessarily be trusted
normal parathyroid hormone
CK was elevated on 1 blood test in July, but has since been normal
ACE was normal
Transglutaminase IgA, ENA antibody screen was normal
Cholesterol/Triglyceride slightly elevated, HDL/LDL normal
INR borderline elevated,
Retic count mildly elevated
Hgb A1C normal
Mono screen negative

Any idea's on what it could be or what other tests I should have done? I'm open to anything!

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