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Ankle and foot swelling

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  • Posted By: Jackmull
  • July 27, 2008
  • 11:44 PM

About 12 days ago I banged the corner of my knee cap on a sharp edge of my desk very hard. That night when I removed my pants I noticed knee was swollen and very tender to the touch. I decided to let it heal naturally but in the following days the swelling spread until my lower leg from my knees to my toes became noticeably puffy, especially the top of my foot and inside of my ankle. At this point, 7 days from the time I banged my knee, I saw a GP. He had me get x-rays and I asked him to check for lime disease. The x-rays showed no fractures and the lime test was negative. He said my white blood cell count was slightly elevated, so in addition to an anti-inflammatory he prescribed an antibiotic.
In short neither seem to be doing any good. My knee is barely swollen and painless, but my foot and ankle are still inflated. I don't know whether I should see an orthopedist or give it more time. It really doesn't seem like anything is broken. Any advise or diagnosis would be greatly appreciated.

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  • It sounds like cellulitis. http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/cellulitis/DS00450
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  • Thanks, but I don't have any discoloration or scabs on my foot and ankle just puffiness.
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  • You injured your knee and it is swollen and inflammed. Thoughts and questions: Do you stand very much on the job?Do you sit on the job? If you do either, gravity with draw the fluids to your ankles and feet. Small fractures or tears in your knee may not show. But the damage must heal. Come home every night and put your feet up. Try to do so in the day. If after a month or six weeks it does not go away if you have do this then need to consider other options. Is the knee still swelling? or what ever.
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  • Thanks for your advice.I sit about eight hours a day at my job.My knee is still a little swollen and sore. My ankle and foot are also but less than yesterday. If I rub my knee cap with my fingers it sort of has a scrunchy feeling, not a smooth lubricated feeling like my other knee, if that makes any sense.
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  • Hope you did not tear cartlidge or something. Again try keeping foot up. Sitting for 8 hours you can trap the fluid flow in your foot and ankle. Ask pregnant women. Am not sure if the antibiotics will do anything. See if the other antiinflams will. If it it is gritty an ortho may have to do orthoscopic clean up. May have broken some stuff up. The ankle and foot are good old fluid gravity :o
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  • i fell over a baby gate and landed on my knee. The entire leg swelled with the foot being the worse. Fluid poured downward to it. this was over 8 monhts ago. Great HMO. well long story short, I'm pretty sure it's an acl tear to the cartridge which caused the swelling in my foot. I also had xrays with nothing. and ultrasound to check for injury to some artery. Acl tears are apparently not visible in xray only in mri. if your dr. doesn't know sports injuries they may not know this. I still have the pain in that knee and never took care of it, but reading this reminded me of that. and I was over here looking for swelling in the other foot for who knows what reason. Still looking for that but thought I'd let you know to check for an acl tear. good luck.
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