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Angry at no diagnosis

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  • Posted By: bluefalcon14
  • March 5, 2009
  • 10:57 PM

I have seen more than a few doctors, who will not give me a diagnosis. I have been given a diagnosis of depression, social anxiety, bi-polar, and I am convinced that they are blowing smoke.

Fact is I know it is much worse than the above, for all I know it is Down's Syndrome and I really could care less at this point, I just want to know. What can I do? It's as if they won't tell me for fear that it will ruin me, which at this point NOT knowing is worse. I would take a diagnosis of completely incurable mental retardation, if I didn't know that I do pretty well on Verbal IQ tests.

I am so frustrated. I suppose I'll try one more psychiatrist, other than that I have no idea what to do. :mad:

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  • Hi bluefalcon, anxiety, depresson and bi-polar is a diagnosis, it may well me one that you don't agree with but regardless of that it is a daignosis. Any of these can be really bad, sometimes worse than others, it all varys. No doctor would label you too quickly, its a slow process & best to stick with the same doctor, the more you change doctors it will slow the process down, hence you suffer in the long run. If your not doing well on whatever treatment you are on then it may need to be increased or changed. Even if you listed all your symptoms here it wouldn't help you need to work with your doctors too improve, it doesn't happen overnight. Really, its in your best interests not to be labled with some other illness that you may not have, as with mental illness it will stick with you for the rest of your life, so be patient & play your part in getting better, put your trust in your doctor because it is them you are going to need, you need to keep talking to them just to insure they don't miss anything, & keep up on whether your meds are working for you. Hope this helps explain things a little. Best wishes ....:)
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  • It's hard to comment when we don't know your symptoms...Trust your gut feeling and keep pushing for answers, I wish you the best of luck. Be strong you'll get there eventually :)Samantha http://www.undiagnosedillness.org
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  • Yeah,what are your symptoms?And are you on any meds?
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  • Well, in my opinion, the first thing to do is to be as logical as possible w/out letting emotion get involved (though I know that can be difficult).1. Request a copy of ALL your medical records (typed & hand written) from each doctor/ hospital you have seen. All they will do is require a prior authorization from you approving the release of medical records to yourself or anyone else. They will either have a form (which you can pick up or have faxed), or I, personally just write one up myself & fax it in:(I, (your name), authorize the release of any and all medical records for (your name, birth date, etc.), upon request for any reason, (optional) for a period of (1 year or indefinite period of time).Sincerely, Signature, then Your Name, birth date, address, etc.2. Always keep these on file for yourself. Not only will they give you the actual truth about what these doctors are seeing/thinking about your condition, but they will come in handy when you go to see another doctor - who will also be requesting them. It will be a huge time saver. It will also give you better leverage in letting the new doctor what you agree with or what you think has been miscontrued (?sp).Also note, that it IS THE LAW that medical records need to be furnished to you upon request (after receipt of authorization for release). Most of the time, you will be directed to another dept that only deals w/ records - so no need to be embarrassed in asking OR worried about the doctor knowing that you're technically checking up on him.3. Go and get yourself another opinion yet. If possible, do a search on doctors in your area vs. getting a referral, to make sure you find the best possible doctor w/ the most experience in his field of expertise. This may also help when there is no professional connection to one another as well, to make sure you get a completely unbiased opinion. I do tend to find that some doctors are quite lazy & will just read prior diagnoses vs. taking the time to fully examine you themselves - in which case, you might want to hold off on handing over prior dr. notes at the initial examination (but let them know they don't need to get them since you already have them in your possession) 4. Get another opinion yet, if needed. If you do start noticing that all the unbiased diagnoses are pretty much the same, maybe it's time to be more realistic and accept the consensus as your official diagnosis & agree to whatever treatment is necessary (by the dr. you like the most/ is most unbiased & professional) 5. Look into your diagnosis further online/ research to make sure you are getting the most current treatments for it, then get on with your life. Obsessing over something you can do nothing about (except go through the required treatment) will only drive you crazy & ruin your quality of life. Focus on the positive things you can do & go out and do them! Life is very short - try to have the most positive experiences you can & make yourself as happy as you can while doing it . . . before you know it, maybe your disease will unadvertantly put on the back burner w/out even knowing it & will become second to all the wonderful things that are out there/ make you happy.
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