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  • Posted By: Paused_Dreams
  • February 15, 2007
  • 07:12 PM

Greetings everyone... Congratulations to the authors for creating such a wondeful site. I have been always with the thoughts like 'Why me?' or ' Life is unfair' but, according to the forum, looks like i am not alone in this world with some heatlh problems, some are better some are worse. So on a second thought...'Hey, could be worse'.

I am 19, male, 1.80cm , 117kg.

In January 2005 i had several nosebleeds. After i had a cauterisation at the bleeding point i found out that it was due to the high blood pressure (120/90-180/90). (i was 137kg back then)

Later, i had an ECG and a stress ECG and found out that i had troublesome broad complex tachycardia(RBBB, left axis).They kept me in the hospital for 6 days. It was decided that i must go abroad in order to make an electrophysiological test and ablation. Until the day i went abroad(2 months later) i was suggested to stay home and relax.
One day i decided to go for a walk around the block (2 months at home isn't that exciting). As i was walking suddenly i felt a great dizziness and thought that i was going to faint. I could feel my heartbeats very fast, i was sweating, had a chest pain, and as my relatives came to help me they told me that i was really cold. I was transfered to a clinic where i stayed there for 3 days.

And this is where my REAL drama begins. After i was released i went home to have a shower. As i closed my eyes i realised that i couldn't keep my body in one place.I had inbalance. I was leaning to every side, no matter how hard i was trying to stay in one place.That was THE shock. I also realised that in the dark i was losing my sense of my position. At the road where cars were passing by i realised one incredible thing. Instead of seeing the whole smooth movent of a passing car, my eyes couldn't keep up with the moving object. It was like i was looking at a very low rate frame by frame animation.Like i was skipping some of the phases even though the time of a car to pass by was 5 seconds. I then tried to read a book. After 5 minutes the letters started floating. It looked like double vision.Also, when i try to concentrate on a small object that is around 10 cm away from me (e.g a pen) usualy my eyes 'lock' on the object but not at the same time in order to see it as one idol, but seperately and as a result i see a shaky object,since my eyes are shaking each one on its own when i try to 'lock' on the object.Especially when i lie on the bed, i can feel my heartbeats strong on my whole body. So strong that several body parts move with the same rythm as the heartbeats. You can easily notice it on my tummy and on the back of my neck which is very annoying specially during at sleep time.
All the above symptoms, specially the imbalance get much worse if i make a physical exercise, even walking for about 10 minutes. Lastly, all these symptoms occur 24/7. From the moment i open my eyes in the morning until i go to sleep. I think you can understand what i am passing through every single day...

I went abroad on 1st of September 2005 with the hope that everything
is going to come back in normal. This proved very hard to induce but they were eventually able to induce a fasicular tachycardia which was successfully ablated on the septal aspet of the LV.

I had a holter for 24 hours.ALL the tachycardia events were missing.
They told me that i was about to see the difference in my body in a while. I was suggested to lose weight.( lost around 20 kilos, no more high pressure :) )

2006 and i am still with the problem. Inbalance, double vision, wherever my head goes naturally left right while walking every object i see moves the same way as my head moves, if i stand still i will lean in all directions, when in the dark i lose my sense of position and even can't calculate where the floor is exactly( this happens in the dark or in multicoloured floors). My body isn't controlled as before. I want to make a handshake with a person and sometimes it is trembling. Most of my body parts are trembling like when i try to hold the remote control my hand is trembling. But not in a great level. But it is noticeable.

During all this time I went to many doctors, hospital has become my home.Among them i went to:
An orthoptic, who found out that i had convergence insuficiency and partial diplopia.Specially exersises have been given to me for about 8 months but i didn't see any noticeable improvent.
An ENT (Ear nose and throat) surgeon who made me an audiogram and found that i have little sensitivity on the right labyrinth.Again special exercises and medication like vastarel, betaserc, stemetil with no improvement at all.
Neurologist had me do a CT scan, an MRI but everything seemed normal except that the left paravermian cistern cannot be identified and there is mild compression on the left lateral border of the superior cerebelar cistern by the left cingulate gyrus.

On June of 2006 i went abroad again because we thought that maybe the ablation wasn't succesful. So another electrophysiological test but no ablation this time because the heart was working fine.
So i was suggested to have a tilt test.The result is a follows:

Negative test but usual symptoms occured combined with very prominent oscillation of blood pressure and heart rate. Strongly suggested that i have vasovagal tendency.

So, here i am. February of 2007, not being able to study, to drive, to go out and have fun. My dreams have stopped on that day that i went around the block. I ended up blaming that day. If i didn't go out probably now i would do all the things i was dreaming off.

The biggest irony is that i went to the army who already gave me two times suspension for my heart problems that now are cured and on the third time i will have to go to the army since i dont have any more heart problems. But they cant seem to believe that i have all the other problems that occured that day.I can't live a normal life in my own house how can i live my life in the army?

But most importantly, i want to know, what caused all these problems? What is it exactly the sickness i have? Is there a cure? All these taught me that health is the most precious thing that exists in this world. I want my normal life back.

Thank you for keeping up with me so far.


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  • I dont have any medical advise... I just wanted you to know that your in my thoughts and I hope you find out what's wrong and "get fixed".
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • February 16, 2007
    • 02:51 AM
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  • Sounds like it could be a bacterial infection. Check out Lyme disease, bartonella and babesia. Symptom list can be found at www.lymenet.org or www.canlyme.com. Both sites have forums for your questions (personal preference is canlyme for this). It is usual for blood tests to come back negative (there are so many different strains of the bacteria but only a few are tested for) so a good doctor will recognize the symptoms. Everything you have described is a symptom.Take charge of your health and you will get it back.
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • February 16, 2007
    • 03:08 AM
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  • Thank you for the replies. I will surely check about it. Anyone else?
    Paused_Dreams 1 Replies
    • February 20, 2007
    • 02:29 PM
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  • Please look into Lyme or coinfections. Yes, post your ? at canlyme and see what the members have to say. They have loads of research to help you.
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • February 20, 2007
    • 06:15 PM
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