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"Fainting"/Amnesia/Vision Problems/Partial Paralysis.....????!!!

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  • Posted By: SkiRacer86
  • April 3, 2009
  • 04:47 AM

OK, so my symptoms are these (so far no DR. has been able to diagnose):

-Over a year ago, I lost consciousness randomly while sitting doing homework a couple times, one of which was witnessed and I was told I was "shaking" during part of the unconsciousness (which prompted a diagnosis of "seizures")

-A few months later the Right side of my face went paralyzed and drooped for about 15 minutes before returning to normal, but I remained conscious

-Not too long after (within the week) I had another instance of temporary paralysis, this time it was my Right arm and Right leg, again remaining conscious

-Recently, however, I've been falling unconscious for 2-5 minutes at a time, and have amnesia associated with it (have no memory of the 30-60 minutes prior to losing consciousness)....this seems to be happening sporadically, but on average about every few days for about 2 or 3 weeks

-Also, a new symptom just this week is I now have a “milky white” hue or fuzzy spot in my field of vision in my Right eye (but nothing in or on the eyeball itself)….I also at one point went completely blind for about 10 minutes where my pupils were dilated completely…my vision has also become slightly more labored in trying to focus on things

-Another thing...just before I lose consciousness (5-45 minutes prior), I become dizzy and find it hard to focus (so I’m told, since I actually have no memory of the events leading up to losing consciousness because of the amnesia)...and now sometimtes the white hue will become more pronounces when the dizziness increases, but then subsides

....so, the doctor's I've seen have no idea what is wrong, so I'm putting it to anyone out there to take a look at and let me know if this sounds like anything anyone's ever heard of.

We're not even sure what symptoms are related, or if they're all related (since they all do seem neurological).

What makes it worse is the fact that I have been tested for many things and everything seems to come back normal...multiple CT scans, 2 MRI's (with contrast), a blood patch, mobile heart monitor, 4-day EEG brain scan, multiple seizure meds, and a sleep study...all these tests have come back "normal"....for additional information: I'm a female, age 23, and am otherwise very healthy and athletic.

any thoughts would be appreciated, thanks!

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  • ....anyone. I'm afraid I might never have a diagnosis
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  • It's a long shot, but get tested for celiac disease. This can cause paralysis episodes.
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  • Thanks for your input...they're putting me on a mobile EEG for 72hrs. Does anyone think that this could all be attributed to seizures???
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  • Does anyone have any knowledge/experience with Black Mold poisoning??? Does anyone think that this could be an alergic reaction to toxic mold? Is it possible to have two people be exposed to toxic black mold, yet only one of them get sick??? Thanks for your input!!!
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  • If you stop eating sugar and bread for 30 days you will see improvement in two weeks time, PURE corn bread may not cause much problem. Besides there are some other pathogens that mimic this problem. I need to see your recent COMPLETE blood test to help you more.Sean B.
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  • Anyone else know about mold poisoning?
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  • OK..... So I just got back from a tilt-table test of my heart, and at 60degrees I passed out, so it looks like there might be something there...but could a heart problem explain all my symptoms, i.e.. my partial paralysis a year ago, or my going blind for 10-15 minutes, or the amnesia??? Does anyone have any idea if my symptoms could all be attributed to something related to my failing this tilt-table test??
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  • Blood sugar, certain bacteria, minerals and unbalance amino acid could cause any health problem among them all you are experiencing. Symptomatic treatment in majority of cases will not provide complete cure.I can help you by checking if there is an invader or you lack certain substances by looking through your blood tests and detecting the real problem.All the bestSean Berjis
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  • You should definitely find an allergist who, if possible, specializes in testing for mold toxicity, in these types of symptoms one of the best things you can do is start eliminating possible causes. If you look up symptoms of toxic mold syndrome and you have quite a few and you have any suspicion that there could be mold in the places you spend the most time, you need to get tested, not only can it give you some peace of mind, but also if you are being exposed to mold currently, you will never get better unless you avoid those places. Two people can live in the same house and only one get sick. Or what I think is more probable, someone who is not exhibiting symptoms may not realize that they are being affected in ways they haven't yet become aware of. Mold toxicity can take so many forms and affect every system of your body, memory issues, emotional instability, coughing, dizziness... all of the symptoms can be mistaken for some other health issue, and may seem too minor
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