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"Constant" epigastric pain! Please Help!

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  • Posted By: nurse123
  • June 6, 2007
  • 03:34 PM

Have c/o constant epigastric pain, that has gradually increased in severity, to my doctors for around 18 months. Had (2) HIDDA scans and a CAT scan done last summer. HIDDA scans showed a gradual decrease in Gallbladder function so I had it removed and an EGD done last March 7th and 8th. I actually feel worse since having these procedures done. My constant epigastric pain is still slowly increasing in severity. The surgeon noticed that my liver looked like sandpaper with tiny nodules and took a liver biopsy. The biopsy came back normal:confused:. I do have a long history of alcohol consumption. The pain is mainly located right behind and slightly lower then my Xiphoid Process. There is slight pain just below my ribs on my right side, but not nearly as pronounced as the epigastric pain! I have a little malaise, but not enough to slow me down. Any help with diagnosis would be greatly appreciated.
Also, my bowel movements have been irregular. Either I'm constipated or I have diarrhea. My appetite is great and I am very active. The epigastric pain is a constant deep pain, but not sharp. Palpation intensifies the pain and does add some sharpness too it. Exercise makes me feel a little sicker and causes some discomfort when lifting weights. Eating seems to make me feel better momentarily.

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  • Need to add this. I am a 41 yo male. I am 5' 11 and weight 190lbs. I have a HX of Sarcoidosis(in remission for last 5-6 years), Barretts Esophagus(Barrex procedure got rid of this), and Protein S deficient. I take 1tbsp Metamucil QD, Lisinopril(40mg) QD, Nexium(40mg) BID, and Warfarin(10mg-12.5mg) QD.
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  • Dear nurse, have you been tested for Heliobacter pylori? It is a bacteria that lives in your stomach that causes ulcers and increased acid production, therefore, producing pain.
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  • I also have "had" these symptoms, but while in my chiroprators office for a workers comp, injury, he asked my if I had been experiencing any stomach/abdominal pain lately? It blew me away that a back dr. would ask me this, I told him yes, he advised me that my " T-6" region was completely out of whack, and it needed adjustment, 1 little pop, and immediate relief....it was impinging upon my stomach nerve, restricting normal blood flow/stimulation,, it has worked WONDERS for my wives IBS, since Zelnorm is gone from the pharmacy... it wouked for me.. I get an T-6 adjustment 1 every 3-4 weeks, pain free now...good luck...
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  • Wouldn't the endoscopy I had done show that, or would I need other tests to check for it???
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  • Also, I've had "forceful" burping for almost as long as I've had the pain. Alot of times I feel a slight pressure where the pain is and this forceful burping relieves some of the discomfort.
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  • Could be hiatal hernia. You're a nurse? You're already taking Nexium. The endoscopy could cause your pain. I had a Bronchoscopy and Sternal Biopsy through an incision in my neck over a year ago and I still have epigastric pain. Some of us just don't heal as easily as others. Hope you've stopped drinking alcohol. That could be the sum total of continued epigastric pain. You pour caustic substances down your gullet and it's gonna hurt! Get smart! Your liver is already badly damaged.
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  • I don't know if you are willing to try this, but something called NAET (Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Testing) may be very helpful for you. www.naet.com for more info and to find a certified practioner. Food intolerances can occur at any age, and can cause extreme stomach discomfort. Not saying that is the cause, but it may be contributing. NAET will pinpoint exactly what is giving you problems, and will noninvasively clear this from your body. NAET has worked wonders for me and changed my life. Best wishesDOM
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  • Thanks. I'll check them out.
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  • Nurse,I have the same pain as you do, exactly as you describe it.I also have mild nausea with constant belching.I was wondering if you have figured out what your problem was.If you can let me know please reply back on this post.Thank you very much.
    hbsurfer 1 Replies
    • February 10, 2009
    • 01:14 AM
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