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Am I going to die?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • July 14, 2009
  • 02:27 AM

I feel very frustrated and I am in need of help from anyone who cares to listen....I am having some very troubling health concerns and I cannot seem to get answers from any doctor that I have seen.

This past March I awoke in the middle of the night to the entire room spinning, I thought nothing of this and went back to sleep. I again awoke with the spinning and finally woke up for the day. Went through the day as normal and laid down in bed at night, only to start the spinning again. I saw a doctor and a neurologist, it was determined to be an episode of vertigo.

In April I awoke with my menstrual cycle and went to the bathroom only to sit on the toilet and pass out cold. My husband called an ambulance and at the hospital I was given blood work to test all of my organs and blood cell counts. Everything turned up fine other than my white blood cell count being slightly elevated...which I was told was nothing to worry about.

The next couple of months were filled with what I thought was sinus infections due to alot of congestion, lightheadness, and mucous. After taking 3 rounds of anitbiotics and being told I had bacterial infections, the congestion went away. However the mucous and lightheadness stayed. Every menstrual cycle over these months caused me to become physically ill with dizziness, near passing out, heart racing and nasuea. I was tested for a hormone imbalance and this came back negative.

Two months ago I still had mucous, lightheadness, and one afternoon heard a loud helicopter - like sound in my left ear. I went to my family doctor because I was frightened and I was told that she thought that my problems were emotional, not physical. This left me frustrated because when I asked her why I had all of these infections and why I still having mucous, her response was to tell me that sometimes we all have bad years.

I ended up in the emergency room...again because I was having more menstrual cycle issues, everything came back fine, except my white blood cell count...again.

This past month I have been waking up in the middle of the night with either an arm or leg that has pins and needles(every single night) and I am now terrified of getting my cycle because I dont know what might happen.

Within this month I have developed an ulcer above my uvula (the hangy thing in your throat) that the doctor said was very uncommon, I have to see an ear, nose and throat doctor to get it taken off. I have also been coughing up a ton of multi-colored mucous. Two nights ago I began having chest pain and yet again went back to the emergency room where it was found that my white blood cell count was slightly elevated. I am supposed to follow up with my docotor, but, I am too scared to do it, because I have been in there more times than I can even remember over the past year. I don't know what to do and I am frightend that there is something terribly wrong with me. I fear switching doctors because I don't want to go through all of the testing I have had again. (MRI's, CAT scans, blood work for everything)

Let me mention that I do smoke, but, have been quitting and chest-xrays have come back negative, so have sinus CAT scans. I also have a thyroid condition that seems to be under control according to bloodwork.

I started to see a therapist for anxiety because I am starting to feel like I am losing my mind. I just don't see how I can have all of these things happening to me on a constant basis and there be nothing wrong. (Oh, I also forgot to mention that when all of this started I began to have constant black floaters in my eyes that only go away at night)


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  • Hi,the floaters, that is what they are called, result from rubbing your eyes. People with stress get them alot.Next time you see your doctor get a checklist for GAD or Panic Disorder, I have it and I get all the weird symptoms you mentioned, I also have a clean bill of health. I was initially treated at Mass General, one of the finest hospitals in the country and they never found anything. But when they put me on meds it all went away. The problem is learning to cope with the underlying stress. I am a male so I don't know how your cycle affects things but it is definately a factor.Mention it to your doctor and they will give you a questionaire, fill it out honestly and if it is GAD or Panic Disorder it is still a medical condition caused by stress, a traumatic event or many other factors.Good luck.
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