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Am I crazy or sick???

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 3, 2009
  • 02:52 AM

Symptoms: Fast heart rate, even when resting, profuse sweating, over heated easily, weight loss (have lost 20 lbs in one year and i was skinny to begin with), irritability, severe FATIGUE, nearly daily headaches.

Duration: has been going on for over a year now

Have seen 4 different doctors related to this already- Family dr, OBgyn, endocrinologist and cardiologist

Medications: Propanolol (for heart racing), birth control, zyrtec

Here's my long, long story if you'd like to read it.....

Last year, right before Christmas, I got hit with my normal winter sinus infection. I went to the doctor, was put on antibiotics... and everything has gone down hill from there.

While on antibiotics, I contracted C-diff and suffered with extreme dehydration, diarrhea and nausea for several weeks before the third course of Vancocin.

After the c-diff was cleared-up, I still suffered from daily diarrhea that interrupted my life. After having a lower GI done, it was decided that I now had Irritable Bowel Syndrome brought on by the severity of the C-Diff.

Armed with medicine to help with that.. I expected life to get better. However, I could never get my energy up, was feeling constant fatigue, became sick easily and regularly and was desperate for help.

I started going to my family doctor at least once a month trying to get help, especially for the overwhelming, life altering, fatigue. He put me on ADHD medicine to help (since I've been diagnosed with ADHD for most of my life and have refused medicine for the past 15 years). It did help, but it also made my pulse maintain a pace of 160-180 bpm the entire time it was in my system.

Taken off that medicine and put on other ADHD medicine did not help. No matter what I was on, my heart rate was 100 bpm or higher.

Dr. took me off ALL medication and still my heart rate rested at 110-120 bpm. This is now June and I am desperate for help with the horrible exhaustion that is preventing me from being as active as I wish and enjoying my life. I forced myself to stick to a twice a week, hour each time work out program at my local gym and have a busy first grade special needs class during the day and a toddler to chase at night. Meanwhile, I couldn't seem to get to sleep at night and struggled to wake up in the morning.

Dr. refered me to a cardiologist and found there was nothing physically wrong with my heart and dropped it at that. I demanded to see an endocrinologist after listening to advice from friends.

First visit to the endocrinologist and he uses an ultra-sound to look at my thyroid, determines it's good, is willing to take blood work, but states "You are a young, working mother. I'm 99% sure you are depressed"

Come back a month later. Blood tests determine I have an over active thyroid. Woo hoo, at least I thought, I have a solution. No. The doctor says it is only .32.... Not low enough to warrant medication or to be causing my symptoms. Put me on an ultra-low dose of thyroid medication "just in case", told me to seek counseling and sent me home.

I went home, didn't feel a whole lot better, came back a month later (it is now January and over a year since symptoms started). He looks me straight in the face after I tell him that I am not feeling much better. Not like I'd hoped, anyway. He is determined that I am depressed and starts me on Paxil.

Now I am depressed. I call a free counseling service offered by my work place and take a survey, talk to a wonderful young lady who informs me that I am NOT clinically depressed and suggests seeing a physician for my issues. ARGH!

I go ahead and start on the Paxil anyway. I am desperate just to feel some relief. Instead of relief, I get increased sweating, heart racing, insomnia, and mood swings. I feel like crap on toast. I give up taking the Paxil (suffer three days of horrible headaches and sweats) and give up on doctors.

Then, this past weekend, I start lactating. I have not breastfeed for over 2 years now. I worry, but under that, really hope that MAYBE it's another piece to the puzzle and they will find out what's wrong with me. Call my OBGYN since they haven't labeled me as crazy yet.

The obgyn was very sweet, but basically said the best he can do is test for pregnancy and that I really need to see an endocrinologist. I start crying, not ever wanting to see that man again, and he recommends a new one to try.

Should I try? Am I really sick or just an overworked mother? Fatigue can't kill me, should I just get used to feeling this way and move on? God, I feel crazy at this point and i don't want one more person telling me I am or looking at my like a hypochondriac. What should I do??? Just leave it or not give up?

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