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All in my Head

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  • Posted By: Lori2255
  • January 18, 2007
  • 08:17 PM

I am obese and started working out in June 2006 to lose weight for a wedding in June 07. I did fine until the end of August with aerobics on the treadmill 4-5 days per week 1/2 hour per day. I was working towards and hour at 5mph. I had worked up to 4 mph. At that time I started noticing shortness of breath so I told myself if it didn't stop, I'd have to quit smoking. I quit on Sept 3, still shortness of breath getting worse along with intermittent chest pains, told my self if not better in two weeks I'd go to the doctor. She admitted me on Sept 28. I laid there for 24 hours for observation while the only test they performed was a chest x-ray(Unremarkable). They could find nothing wrong. Two weeks later she sent me for a echocardiogram and a stress test. The test showed heart wall thickening and ischemia. They originally thought it was from the lungs so off to the pulmonologist. He determined that the problem must be heart so off to the cardiologist. In the mean time my primary care physician prescribed antibiotics and I started feeling better but developed a nagging cough. The cardiologist determined that the symptoms he was seeing was due to uncontrolled high blood pressure but I tried to tell him that I've never had uncontrolled high blood pressure. It goes up when I get upset but I keep a check on it. He insisted I start on Benicar HCT, I did not take them. Dec. 11, cardiologist performed heart cath, no blockages found and I felt better. On my visit to explain the results Dec. 20 they insisted that I use the Benicar so I started taking it daily, by Christmas my mouth, face, lips were swollen and I had sores in my mouth and nose. I looked like a freaked-out, daffy duck. I also started feeling chest pain/tightness and heart flutters when I lie down. I also tried to get back on my treadmill. My heart rate was 200 after 5 minutes of exercise. I decided to wait on exercising. I called the doctor and explained my symptoms and they asked me to come in for a 48-hour Holter monitor and they also did not think the medicine was causing the swelling. I went pick up the holter and the dizziness began. The nurse suggested I visit my primary care physician. She wasn't in, and the doctor there suggested I had vertigo and prescribed more medication and an antihistimine. I excersized on the second day and took the holter back. The nurse practitioner decided the swelling/sores was due to the benicar. I stopped taking the medication and swelling went away but not the palpitations, pain or dizziness. Jan 16, went to discuss the results of the holter, they did not do 48 hour but 24 so they missed the excercizing. He also said they only saw three bad heart beats out of the day, which as with limits. There were also lots of artifacts which they explained were just noise. My blood pressure was not elevated after the 4th time it was taken so he said I did not have to take any more blood pressure medication. So he pronounced me fine, to work on loosing weight and to come back in 6 months. I asked about my symptoms and the nurse practitioner suggested I visit my primary care physician. I went back to her the next day. She suggested that it was all in my head. I explained that maybe the chest pain. dizziness and palps could be in my head but how does my head explain the excessive heart rate. She asked what I wanted her to do. A friend had suggested that he had similar symptoms and found that he had apnea so I asked for a sleep study. With their attitude I decided that I'd need to try and prove that my symptoms are not in my head so I bought a polar heart monitor on the way home. If I'm going to find any answer for what's going on, I'll need to find them on my own. I hooked up the monitor before I lay down and it started dropping out and beeping, along with the pain/tightness in my chest. It recovers and does it intermittently. It stops when I'm sitting up. Now, what do I do? I'm afraid to go back to either doctor. I'm afraid they'll send me for a psych eval.

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  • Wow...I had really simialer symptoms and similar tests done:Racing Heart, weakness, palpitations and Nausea after exertion = went to doctor.Doctor said probably stress related - echocardiogram, EKG's, X-Rays, Holter monitors, breathing test, apnea test and stress medication.It took about 8 months to complete all of these tests (during which heart still raced, lots of palpitations per day and chest pain and constant light headedness). The end result = I am perfectly fine???I am written off as having anxiety and stress problems.Even when I am super happy, the world is great I have lots of palpitations, constant chest pain, light headed and my heart races (standing in the shower its +140bpm for example). No doctors are willing to look past 'Stress' as the symptom - but I feel terrible all of the time. I am similar in that - I don't know what to do now. I guess all we can do is relax. But like you, my symptoms are just getting worse and it scares me. Makes it really hard to relax. I am going to simply do my best to relax I guess, I am the only one left worrying about it now, so I am going to fix this myself - I hope. So you aren't alone, try your hardest to change your life by being relaxed and hopefully things will get better.
    Anonymous 42,789 Replies
    • January 18, 2007
    • 10:34 PM
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  • Wow! I am so sorry. It sounds like it is real and not in your head. That is why I am going to school to be a Dr. BC it is dr.'s like that, that make me bad bc you are sick and need help. I am a fitness Tranier, I can't think how it could be realted to working out on the plus side. Pleursy? maybe, Sleep Apnea? Like you thought. Can you go and get a new Dr? Maybe if you have a friend or family members that like someone and is covered by insurence then you can try that. I am so sorry.Sweety.Have fun at the wedding if you can even go. Though I will ask my teacher and see what she says if that helps.
    lizzi9983 35 Replies
    • January 18, 2007
    • 11:09 PM
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  • Dont lose faith. One day you will find a doctor who will know what to do... when they dont know what to do, they blame it on you, "all in your head" the say.Example, I have had terrible bone pain in my chest for exactly one year now. Im 35, teach aerobics and eat well. The pain sometimes is in my spine also and my heart started acting funny at the same time I got chest pain. The doc kept saying, you are extremely healthy, there is nothing wrong with your heart. I convinced him to do stress and echo tests... and guess what, "Oh im sorry, you DO have chest pain, its myocarditis". I had been telling them for 7 months my chest hurt.Then the pain gets worse and worse even with treatment. Two months ago I was hospitalized by the doctor I am DATING in his hospital. He had 7 doctors see me. The cardiologist says , no myocarditis here but you do have a myo-something-prolapse and some irregular heartbeats on your moniter... nothing to worry about. For all the bone pain, they did a bone scan and lo and behold, it shows increased abnormal activity in the collarbones, shoulder and chest bone. Ok what does that mean I ask him, and the doctor who is dating me for months says to me, "Its stress... and arthritis. You are imaginging everything else, your just stressed."Ok so let me get this straight... you can see bone inflamation in the bone, but Im causing that with my mind.. ok.I have since had a definate diagnosis of fibromyalgia but they say that has nothing to do with the bone. They say THAT is arthritis but they arent sure which kind yet.Meanwhile, Im in pain all the time in my chest and my heart goes out of control sometimes,,, in my happiest moments im that way.. .so I dont believe for a second that any of the doctors know what they are telling me and they say its in your mind when they cant figure it out.I know this wont help you much, but I believe you so have faith that not everyone thinks its in your head! God bless.
    Anonymous 42,789 Replies
    • February 13, 2007
    • 11:01 PM
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  • I'm sorry you're going thru this. I've recently been told my symptons are "all in my head". Its frightening when a Dr can't figure out the prob and more frightening when you risk losing your support group which may already be taxed, because, its "all in your head". Hang in there! Don't stop trying to resolve the issues! You know something is wrong and I just bet someone else out there does too. Be patient you will eventually meet up!
    tingly 8 Replies
    • February 14, 2007
    • 00:43 AM
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  • I was using Lisinopril 10mg when I decided to change cardiologists. The new doctor switched me to 20mg Benicar and wanted me to take it twice a day. The next day at work I find myself sitting down when I'm supposed to be standing and attempt to stand up but then pass out and hit my head on the ground.Now I read the Benicar information sheet and am in shock! I don't use salt in my diet and there is a warning about hypotension occuring after initiation of treatment with Benicar.Does the doctor have any responsibility in my case?
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  • I just asked her to explain that again 2 days ago.No reply!
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  • What do you mean by ''it started dropping out and beeping?''I thought your heart was too fast,but it sounds as if it was slowing down.
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  • I just asked her to explain that again 2 days ago.No reply! Hmmmm funny that......i'm still waiting for her to tell me where "Sweden, UK" is ? ive asked numerous times..... hardly a credible witness.....doesn't stand upto questioning.......:eek: also noticed when she's ignored for a number of days she trys to draw attention to herself again.....but still no answers.......:rolleyes: :D
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  • I started to respond to the thread based on comments here, but it appears that the original inquiry is several years old and was picked up by the username wmd yesterday seeking to determine tort liability on the part of the physician. Experiencing orthostatic hypotension in the presence of anti-hypertensive therapy does not constitute negligence on the part of your doctor in any manner whatsoever. If you are seeking support for your "case," I would strongly suggest that you are in the wrong arena. I would alternatively suggest that if a forum exists for strategists who practice the art of slip-n-fall, pan-product liability or other pursuits which strive to promote liability whose limits are only restricted by the imagination, then you'd probably find responses more akin to your liking. Best regards, J Cottle, MD
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