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  • Posted By: MaMa24Bellz
  • February 18, 2009
  • 01:03 AM

Hello and in advance I am sorry it will probably be long. For about a year now I have been so tired even when I sleep good I wake up and I am still exhausted, I have very bad headaches that start from when I wake up and on most days go away only while I am sleeping. I have cold hands and feet, hair loss, weight gain, sweating, breast growth, the worst is how tired I am. I went to the doctor's and it came back my thyroid level was not right so I went in for a scan and they said that the top portion of the thyroid on the left side was overactive causing the bottom and the right side to be underactive. (Never seen an Endo and was never on any meds) So now for the last 6 months or so I have had some new symptoms. I am still tired, I still have weight gain approx 30 lbs. I went from a 36 D to a 36 F, my breast are so tender to the touch I can hardly even take off my bra, my periods are regular and only last 3 days but it's heavy enough to go threw a box of tampons, I just started having this arm and leg pain where at times it feels like my arms or leg is going to get numb but does not and its just painful. If I keep my knees bent for to long it's very painful. I can't sleep well anymore because I have to change positions so often. It's hard to get up and down. I am only 27 I am over weight but not that much. So far I have gotten your fat loose some weight and you will be fine, I have gotten you have 2 many kids thats why you are tired. I do the standard test and then that's all they are willing to do. ALso I just had a thyroid test and doctor said it was fine and the Endo said it was probably Thyroiditis and that I didnt need to come in and see her. That I could retest in 6 months. I have seizures that only occur right before my period and all the other symptoms are so much worse around my period. About 2 weeks after my period I start to feel like a somewhat normal human being. I thought maybe it was estrogen dominance but that came back ok also. I feel like I could cry I am so stuck and frustrated that I just don't know what to do anymore. Please help I want to be able to play with my children like I used to. oh by the way I did have an MRI of my head for the headaches and the doctor said it was fine.

Here are my test results.
Estridol- 132
Progesterone- 11.9
Anticoagulation Therapy- None
PT- 9.5 sec
PT INR- 1.0
Activated Partial Thromboneplastin Time- 32.9 sec
Vitamin B12- 725
Folate- 12.7
Alanine Aminotranserate- 17
Creatinine- .75
Glomerular Filtration Rate- greater than 60
Sodium- 139
Potassium- 4.6
Chloride- 103
CO2- 28
Random Glucose- 89
T4 Free- 1.2
TSH- .5
WBC Count- 4.9
Red Blood Cell count- 4.06
HGB- 12.6
Hematocrit- 39.1
MCV- 96
RDW,RBC- 13.4
Platelet Count- 257
I know, sorry about my book but if anyone can please help I would appreciate it.

Thanks, Carrie

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  • Sorry I forgot to add that I have swelling in my hands and feet and not just at night.:confused:
    MaMa24Bellz 1 Replies
    • February 18, 2009
    • 01:33 AM
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